Rice Krispies Treats Are About To Look Different, And We're Not Sure How To Feel

Rice Krispies Treats Are About To Look Different, And We’re Not Sure How To Feel

There are a few things we all know in life — and one of those is, Rice Krispies Treats will always be one of the first things gone from a bake sale. Created by a Kellogg’s employee named Mildred Day back in 1939, Kellogg’s has gone on to sell their own versions of them, which make the perfect snack if you’re looking for a mid-day pick-me-up. But while they’re delicious in all forms, a new variety that’s coming out in 2019 will showcase the treats like you’ve never seen them before.

A new product called Rice Krispie Treats Snap, Crackle, Poppers will debut at the start of the new year. They’re bite-sized pieces coated with a delicious topping.  The three flavors to expect are Chocolatey, Vanilla Crème, and Cookies ‘n’ Crème. Not going to lie, it sounds like Kellogg’s has an instant hit on their hands. The only question is, how did these not come out sooner? Why aren’t they available right now?

Instagrammer JunkFoodMom got to test them out ahead of time. Even though she liked all three, she noted that Vanilla Crème was her absolute favorite.

Perhaps they might inspire you to whip up your own at home. While the yummy coatings make it a bit more difficult to truly match what you’d get in stores (especially since nobody’s tasted them yet) Rice Krispies Treats are pretty fun to bake.

And really, the world hasn’t seen a form of them that aren’t delicious. My personal favorite is Rice Krispies Treats cereal, which is still available at Walmart.

At least the world has a brand new amazing snack to anticipate this January. You might want to add these to your grocery list in advance, so that you don’t forget.