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Dozens Of Students Got Mysteriously Sick After Eating Candy At School

On February 14th, 28 students from Sandtown Middle School outside of Atlanta, Georgia were hospitalized after they ate candy at school. The afflicted students reportedly felt nauseous and disoriented after eating snacks akin to Rice Krispies and lollipops. 25 of those 28 students have been released from the hospital as of today, February 15th. However, officials are still investigating what went wrong.

A spokesperson from the Fulton County School District told BuzzFeed News, “At this time, we cannot confirm that food or candy was the source of the students’ illnesses, but it is being investigated.”

According to both students and parents who spoke to local news stations, the snacks and candy in question were being distributed by fellow students. After students began to fall ill, school staff went around to each classroom telling students only to eat food that they brought from home.

“They told us not to eat any of the candy that they had. They were like Rice Krispies and stuff, like lollipops,” a student told local NBC station 11 Alive. “They were, like, all over the place.”

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) was expected to step in and figure out what went wrong. As of today, February 15th, the GBI was still waiting to be given evidence of those snacks and candies for testing purposes.

“Until the investigation is complete, the school system cannot make a determination of what caused students’ illnesses, its origin, if there was a deliberate, wrongful act committed, or if criminal charges or student discipline will be levied,” the Fulton County spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

South Fulton Mayor Bill Edwards updated parents and concerned citizens via Facebook yesterday afternoon. “I would like to inform our citizens that everything is under control as it seems that the incident was with children in the same class,” Mayor Edwards wrote.

“Principal Cook and staff did an outstanding job in making sure our children were safe,” Mayor Edwards added. “I know that people are using the terms like active incident, but trust me everybody performed superbly.”

Most students were taken to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for treatment. There, practitioners reported the students were suffering from altered mental states and rapid heart rate.

We’re probably all thinking the same thing. Right?

Yeah. Thought so.

Of course, no confirmation has been made as to whether or not the candy was laced with marijuana. But suspicious candy plus an “altered mental state” kind of adds up…

Thankfully, none of the students suffered anything worse than confusion and a rapid hearbeat. Otherwise, the jokes would not be so cute.

If edibles aren’t to blame, then officials could be dealing with a bigger problem. Our fingers are crossed there is no ill intent behind this scandal.

In fact, let’s hope it were edibles rather than something worse. A sad but simple mistake is all.

“Everyone started bringing candy in the shape of hearts,” a student told 11 Alive. “So, people started, like, passing them out and like people were eating them.” This student thought the candy may have been tainted with drugs.

The same student noted that the Rice Krispies looked like they were homemade. The lollipops appeared to be store-bought.

Until the GBI is able to test the snacks, theories and conspiracies should be kept to a minimum. We’re just glad everyone is okay.

And until this scenario is cleared up… we might avoid discounted Valentine’s Day candy…

We’re glad everyone is okay and we hope that the GBI gets to the bottom of this soon.