Someone Turned Oreos Into Rice, Here Are Funny Twitter Reactions

Someone Turned Oreos Into Rice, And You Will Never Forget This Photo

These days, you probably don’t get too shocked when you see rice made of something other than, well, rice. This popular grain has the potential to be really healthy and good for you, but generally brown (or wild) rice is considered the more nutritious when compared with white rice. Because of this, people are always coming up with alternate versions of white rice that are healthier. Think about it: there’s cauliflower rice out there (it’s actually really good!), and there are even boxes of rice made from chickpeas (a great source of protein!). You can basically turn any other vegetable into rice as well.

But this latest version of rice (if you can even call it that) is not a healthier version.

In fact, it’s the exact opposite — it’s unhealthier, really. It’s also, uh, not practical? Probably a huge joke? Definitely a great way to waste some time on Twitter today? It’s all of those things, really. Because someone has turned Oreo cookies into rice, and the reactions to this little “invention” are seriously on point.

Yes, you read that correctly: someone turned Oreos into rice. Feast your eyes (literally??) on the photo evidence:

Twitter user @WahyuYordan posted a series of strange photos that culminated in one thing: an image of Oreos soaking in liquid, then being mashed up and mixed with rice, creating what looks like mushy black and white rice.

Yikes. This response pretty much sums it up.

Don’t get us wrong: Oreos are delicious.

Oreos soaked in milk? A national treasure! But Oreos soaked in, uh, something, and then mixed with rice? That just seems wrong.

The Twitter reactions to this Oreo rice are pretty priceless.

One person pointed out that it just resembles burned rice.

It does, actually!

Another was simply offended that this ever even happened to begin with.

Another person summed it all up pretty well.

And used a very accurate gif to do so:

One user took things too far and maybe… made their own Oreo rice? Or put Oreos on rice? Or chocolate oatmeal?

What is this?!?!

Another person pointed out that this may just be a crime punishable by God.

It’s true!

Peace has been disrupted.

Just like this user pointed out!

Some users, though, seem to be intent on convincing us naysayers we are wrong.

Or they’re just trolling everyone, which is totally possible.

One person thinks it looks good?!

Or delicious?!

Other Twitter users were a little more realistic.

This seems accurate:

And this meme describes how we should all feel about this situation, to be honest.

Should we all just get off Twitter?

Would that stop the madness?

At the end of the day, let’s all agree on one thing: Oreos are wonderful.

They can be added to a lot of different foods to make them taste better. Rice is not one of them!

Let’s just all go back to pretending like this never happened!