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Your Guide to the Hottest Candy in the World

Finally, spicy candy is trending again. Check out this list of the hottest candy out right now.

1. Lava Balls

Think you can handle it?

2. Sweet Heat Starbursts 

Photo by Amazon

Starburst is keeping it hot with these spicy and sweet flavors.

3. Toe of Satan Lollipop

Photo by Walmart

Besides the name, I’m really excited about the heat in this.

4. Guava and Mango Chile Nerds

Photo by Amazon


5. Gummy Peppers

Photo by Amazon

Keep these away from children.

6. Sweet Heat Skittles

Photo by Amazon

Hot damn!

7. Hot Wasabi Candy 

These are piping hot.

8. Hot Tamales 3 alarm

Photo by Amazon

Your tongue will sizzle.

9. Jelly Belly Tobasco

These are a classic.

10. Sour Patch Kids Fire

Photo by Amazon

My favorite!

11. Burn or Bliss Chocolate: Hellishly Hot Chocolate

You will never look at chocolate the same.

12. Jolly Rancher Hotties

These are a must for the candy jar.

13. Fireballs

Everybody loves a fireball.

14. Warheads Hotheads

Photo by Amazon


15. Hot Tamale Licorice Bites

Photo by Amazon

Grab two bags of these, they’ll go quickly.

16. Ghost Pepper Gumballs

These gumballs are intense.

17. Ass Kickin Ghost Pepper Jelly Beans

The title is self-explanatory.

18. Pulparindo


19. Natural Tamarind Coated Sugar Chewy Candy

Photo by Amazon


20. Vero Elotes

If you can eat this, you can handle anything.