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Starbucks Lattes And Macchiatos Will Be 50% Off Today For Happy Hour

If you haven’t stopped by yet today, you may want to get thee to a Starbucks. Everyone’s favorite coffee company is offering a deal that’s really hard to refuse. Those familiar with the Starbucks Happy Hour might already be clued in, but after 3 p.m. today, lattes and macchiatos are going to be 50% off.

Happy Hour was initially introduced back in 2010, but made a triumphant return in March of 2018 after a brief hiatus. Every Happy Hour is a little different — sometimes, espressos are discounted. Other times, it’s a day celebrating the Frappuccino. The catch is, the deal is available through invitation.

So if you’d like to benefit, you can sign up to receive notifications directly from Starbucks through the app or email. It’s an exceptionally good deal for people who might as well have their address changed to receive their mail at Starbucks. Coffee costs can add up, so it’s great to snag a discount any time you can.

For this particular deal, which ends at closing hour for participating locations, you’ll need to buy a drink that’s a grande or larger. Which shouldn’t be too hard, since extra caffeine is always a great thing — especially so close to the weekend.

Starbucks Happy Hour is also a great occasion to share your drinks on Instagram. Here are a few amazing shots from Happy Hours past.

Our favorite coffee dessert:

As you can see, Happy Hours are often an event for friends and colleagues. So if you’re stuck in an office right now with a few good friends, why not celebrate them by bringing them along for a latte?

If you’ve never tried a macchiato before, now might be the perfect time. A must for all coffee lovers, it’s espresso that’s topped with frothy steamed milk. Starbucks is known for offering a few flavors, with caramel being a big favorite.

Much like the Frappuccino, Starbucks often debuts seasonal or limited time macchiato flavors for their customers to enjoy.

Just remember, before you hit up Starbucks, you’ll want to make sure you’re signed up for their Rewards Program. If you didn’t get an email, you can also find the barcode that’ll give the discount through the Starbucks app.

Also, remember to be extra kind to your barista. Starbucks is crowded enough as is, so you can imagine how hectic things can get during Happy Hours.

This marks the very first Happy Hour of 2019. Who knows what the rest of the year will bring?