This Woman Has Ordered Starbucks Every Day Of Her Adult Life

This Woman Has Ordered Starbucks Every Day Of Her Adult Life — How Much She’s Spent Will Make You Sob

Everyone has their own version of a morning routine. For some people, that means getting up super early, making breakfast, doing something productive, and getting a start on their day right away. Others think of the morning as the best time to get out of bed and head to the gym to get their workout done. For many, there’s no real routine — they jump out of bed at the last possible minute, throw their clothes on, and rush out the door as fast as possible. And then there are those who always, no matter what, make sure they have time to stop at their favorite cafe or bakery for a cup of coffee.

For a lot of people, that place is Starbucks… and it’s hard to blame them. The giant chain has locations all over the world, so it’s super easy to find. Starbucks also offers pretty much any caffeinated beverage you could want, from hot lattes to iced coffees to teas. And who could forget about their delicious snacks and pastries? So it’s not surprising that someone would get into the habit of going all the time, even though it is, admittedly, pretty pricey compared to making your own coffee at home. But. how much would it be to order Starbucks on the daily?

Some people know firsthand! This woman has ordered Starbucks every day of her adult life, and yes, she has spent a lot of money over time.

Vox contributor Mae Rice wrote a piece about how she has ordered Starbucks every day, and although it’s added up, she doesn’t regret how much she’s spent. In fact, she thinks it’s worth it. We respect that!

Rice goes into a Starbucks every day to order her favorite drink: a venti iced coffee with hazelnut, soy, and caramel drizzle. If it’s cold or she has a free drink on her Starbucks app, she orders the latte version, which is a triple venti hazelnut soy latte with whipped cream. According to Rice, the iced coffee costs her less than $5 a day in the Twin Cites, whereas the latte is a treat that would cost her over $7 if she didn’t have the free reward. And actually, they both sound delicious.

Wondering how much money she’s put into this habit? According to Rice, she’s spent more than $20,000 at Starbucks throughout the time she’s done this.

That’s a lot of money! And it’s not like she’s rolling in cash — Rice is in the final year of an MFA program with an annual stipend that comes out to less than how much she’s spent on coffee these last few years. So, why does she do it? You could chalk it up to Rice being just another irresponsible millennial, one who would rather spend their money on frivolous items rather than saving for a house, but for Rice, it’s about more than that.

She explains that our world is chaotic, unpredictable, and scary.

She feels out of control when it comes to her future, and she thrives on the feeling of being in control. What does make her feel in control, though, is her coffee habit. She writes, “Starbucks is my loophole, pleasurable in the present and in the future.”

Rice also explains that her MFA program means she doesn’t have extra money for extra things in life, like shopping at expensive stores or traveling. But she can afford her Starbucks each day, which feels like a “little bit of luxury” for her. She says, “There was no need to splurge at Sephora, or Madewell, or a bar where I have to look up the cocktail ingredients on Wikipedia. I wasn’t deprived.”

Basically, in Rice’s mind, this isn’t a financially irresponsible habit: it’s one that keeps her feeling sane. It’s also just a small luxury for her each day, which makes her feel good. And really, is there anything that wrong with that?

As it turns out, a lot of people agree. Sure, a daily Starbucks habit is expensive, but it’s not the only thing keeping millennials from affording homes.

Other people on social media agreed. It’s not just about buying the coffee, it’s about going out and getting yourself a little treat each day.

One person noted that even if it isn’t the most responsible decision in the world, that doesn’t mean it’s awful. It’s about how it makes you feel, and if it’s improving your day, that’s a good thing. We could all use that.

Some users even shared the little non-coffee things that make them feel good. It was a nice reminder that spending money on coffee each day doesn’t mean you’re a bad adult.

One Twitter user said that she would prefer to look for other ways to save money than to cut out something small that makes her happy. That definitely makes a lot of sense — life isn’t solely about saving money.

And a lot of users felt like the article perfectly explained how they feel about their own Starbucks habit.

Of course, there were people who disagreed with the message Rice tried to get across. But that’s always going to happen with anything.

It’s easy to look at Rice’s habit, roll your eyes, and think she’s doing the wrong thing. But when you look at it a different way, it makes more sense: small luxuries are important for everyone.

Basically, think about the little things that make your day better and keep doing them. As long as it’s something small, you’re doing okay.