Starbucks Has A New Drink Based On Your Favorite Sweet Breakfast

January 21, 2019

Something new has hit Starbucks locations in the U.K. and across Europe, and it’s based on our favorite sweet breakfast food. The coffee chain recently introduced the Cereal Latte to U.K. and European menus — and we Americans are so jealous.

The new hot beverage is made with espresso, steamed oat milk, three pumps of “cereal powder,” and is topped with cereal crumbles. Judging from the advertisements and online reviews we’ve seen, the cereal in question seems to be Honey Nut Cheerios, which is definitely an interesting choice. According to the Starbucks U.K. website, “This comforting latte is evoking nostalgic memories from your childhood.” We’re picturing it now — a bowl of cereal and Saturday morning cartoons. There was (and still is) nothing better.

Bustle reports that the Cereal Latte tastes like “honey flakes” paired with sweet and toasty undertones. That sounds like something we can get on board with.

Unfortunately, both oat milk and Cereal Lattes are scarce within the states. Perhaps someday we’ll wrap our chilly hands around a hot cup of cereal-flavored caffeine. But until then, we can only dream — and gladly sip on Starbucks’s Cinnamon Shortbread Latte and/or a Chestnut Praline Latte.

But yeah — we’re still pretty jealous.

“PSA: the cereal latte from @starbucks will actually change your life. You’re welcome,” one Instagram user said. Another Twitter user described the  flavor as similar to eating graham crackers dunked in milk. We’re game.

“Lovely, lovely stuff,” this Starbucks fan writes.

The Cereal Latte can also be ordered with blonde roast for a “smoother, sweeter taste.”

And people are loving the fact that this drink is made with dairy-free oat milk by default. Let’s get this trending in coffee shops everywhere.

If you’re in the U.K. or Europe and want to sample a Cereal Latte for yourself, you better do so sooner than later. They’ll only stick around in Starbucks locations for a limited time.

And if this drink tastes as comforting as it looks, then bring it to the states, Starbucks — stat!

Until we get to taste the real thing, we suppose we’ll just throw some crushed-up Cheerios into our morning brew… that’s the same thing, right?