Starbucks’s New Frappuccino Is Basically An Emoji In Drink Form

July 15, 2019

Even though Starbucks is an American institution at this point, they love to taunt those of us in the U.S. with drinks we can’t access — at least not without adding a hefty plane ticket to the bill — and this latest flavor is no exception. The Peach on the Beach Frappuccino will be available for slurping from July 19th, but only in Japan. From the descriptions being passed around the grapevine, it sounds pleasingly peachy and refreshing.

According to Japanese news outlet SoraNews24, Starbucks set out to make a drink that tasted like biting into a peach, so the Peach on the Beach includes large slices of white peach, mixed with peach juice, peach puree, and peach sauce. But even the lucky people in the right country at the time will have to get organized if they want to taste it for themselves. The drink is only on the menu until August 29th, for the price of ¥620 (U.S. $5.75).

Here’s how it’s supposed to look:

Some lucky Starbucks fans in Japan got an early taste — and this person can’t wait to take it to the beach:

The general consensus so far is that it’s delicious:

And a refreshing way to wake up:

This Japanese Starbucks is also offering a pie that we would like to hear more about.

And staff at this store are cleverly building anticipation by adding not just a date for the launch, but a precise time:

Previous peach Frappuccinos went down went well in Japan:

One Instagrammer reported in their comments, “Delicious… I like it very much”:

Predictably, some American peach fans are devastated to be left out.

Even people who claim that they’re normally not Starbucks stans.

Some feel that Peach on the Beach sounds a lot nicer than the Frappuccinos Starbucks is serving Americans:

Released on July 10th, the Tie-Dye Frappuccino was not popular with baristas or customers.

It failed to meet even low expectations.

But not everyone in Japan is pepped for peach.

This person is shunning Peach on the Beach in favor of another limited edition drink currently available in Japanese Starbucks: the Lemon Yogurt Hakko Frappuccino.

The base is made of yogurt, cream cheese, and amazake (a sweet, slightly alcoholic drink made from fermented rice), mixed with lemon sauce, and topped with freeze-dried cream cheese and cookie crumbles. According to this former skeptic, it’s “much more delicious than expected!”

One more thing to add to our to-try list. Excuse us while we book an emergency vacation to Japan!