Starbucks Is Now Selling A Cat Cake Pop — Millennials Will Freak Out

Starbucks Is Now Selling A Cat Cake Pop — Millennials Will Freak Out

If you think the return of the PSL over at Starbucksis the biggest news the company will unveil this season, you might want to prepare yourself. Even though they’re famous for providing the best in hot and cold coffee-based drinks, they’re also known for their treats. And this is one treat you won’t want to miss.

According to Bustle, Starbucks unleashed a cat-shaped cake pop. And yes — it’s almost too cute to even eat. This kind of treat will appease the cat lady inside us all. Even better, the cat is smiling. It’s like a tiny reminder to have a good day.

This isn’t the first cake pop that Starbucks has introduced. They’re pretty famous for their pink birthday cake pops and even introduced a pirate cake pop at one point. The pirate and the cat have a lot of nutritional facts in common. One cat cake pop is 190 calories, with 16 grams of sugar and 11 grams of fat. As far as treats go, this one isn’t too bad. And it’s perfect if you really feel like eating cake but don’t want to commit to a big one from the bakery.

The cat cake pop contains vanilla cake and white chocolate icing. According to Starbucks, the treat is “pretty much the cat’s meow.”

Starbucks fans can’t get enough of the cute design. Cat cake pops are already taking over Instagram.

This further proves that cats make everything better. And it’s really, really difficult to make a cake pop “better” as is. The only issue you’ll want to look out for is melting.

Even though they’ve been introduced as an autumn treat, hopefully the cat cake pop will stick around a little longer.