You're Soy Going to Love These Sushi Transformations

You’re Soy Going to Love These Sushi Transformations

These five incredible sushi transformations will leave you hungry for more.

Sushi Taco

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It’s already been stated that sushi is uber popular, but so are tacos. Norigami takes a tempura battered seaweed shell and packs it full of your favorite sushi pairings.

Sushi Burrito

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If you’re a fan of tacos, then you have to be a fan of burritos, and if you’re a fan of sushi tacos then you’re definitely a fan of sushi burritos. The Jogasaki food truck hails itself as the originator of the sushi burrito.

Sushi Burger

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Unlike the previous two items, this sushi burger is a 50/50 mashup. The restaurant 26 Beach takes an actual beef patty and layers all your favorite things about sushi on top.

Sushi Tots

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‘Sumo style’ sushi tots, created by Sumo Dog, are pieces of crispy rice topped with spicy pork, cheese, jalapeños, pickled peppers, spicy mayo, teriyaki sauce, and finished with a dusting of furikake.

Sushi Donuts

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At Project Poke their sushi bowls mimic the shape of a donut. It’s a rice base where the middle is filled with sushi toppings and then layered in raw fish.

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