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The Internet Thinks This Toddler’s Birthday Cake Says A Super Naughty Word

Celebrating your second birthday is a big deal. You’re talking! You’re running like a pro! You’re turning into your own person and might have a few “terrible” moments that’ll drive your parents bananas! But luckily, you’re still super cute. Even if some of those bad behaviors have already started, it’s no excuse to honor the big day with, well, one of the worst words you could call someone. On your birthday cake, no less.

This March, a photo made the rounds of a birthday cake that may have sent mixed messages. A picture of the cake, which was enjoyed in Cranford, NJ just a month prior, was posted by Harlan Mayer. Mayer couldn’t help but comment on the jaw-dropping cake topper.

Obviously, the cake says “two.” But if it’s flipped around, it says something totally different. And unlike a Magic Eye, it’s blatantly obvious.


“Subversive children’s cakes. Thank you @katerubin for changing the game,” Mayer said in the caption, along with a few hashtags — including  #happythatshecantreadit #isthatthegirlsname, #wow, and #omfg.

It’s unclear as to who the birthday girl is, but friends of Mayer made sure to note how impressed they were with the typography. Even though, come on now. It’s super cruel for a cake topper to call a child the “C-Word.”

Maybe it’s a better choice for someone who’s 22 with a fun sense of humor? Or, hey — maybe this was a total accident. Regardless of what’s on top of the cake, it looks delicious and the baker’s frosting game is on fire.

It looks like there were other tasty desserts there to celebrate (and wine for the adults) so hopefully a photo of the birthday cake (flipped around) doesn’t make it into anyone’s photo album.