This Groundbreaking Ritual Will Help You Lose Weight

December 31, 2017

No more excuses for how hard it is to lose weight. Well, there’s always room for excuses. But, you can’t complain until you try this ritual first. A mental nutritionist Leslie Korn, Ph.D., and author of the book “The Good Mood Kitchen,” is promising weight loss from chewing a tiny fruit. You’ll never guess what this fruit is.

It’s a dried, wrinkly raisin. A single raisin could be your diet’s savior. According to Korn, chewing a raisin helps adults escape hunger cravings between meals. For this to work you can’t just chew the raisin. There is a ritual you should follow and here’s how The NY Post explains it: you start by picking up a raisin and observing it. Notice its grooves and wrinkles and even give it a sniff. At the same time, note your body’s physical state. Place the raisin in your mouth, turn it around, and explore the surface of the fruit with your tongue. Then slowly and deliberately chew the raisin, noting its complexity of flavor and soft center. Remaining still, swallow the dried fruit, imagining it traveling down to your stomach.


There’s one last and important step. Ask yourself, “What does my body really need?” Korn is also quoted in The NY Post saying, “The raisin exercise couples our awareness with our ability to exert control over our ‘automatic’ reactions.” Basically, some of our eating isn’t due to true hunger. It is a repetition of eating to change our current mood or emotional need.

She’s certain this ritual will work because it sparks GABA receptors in your gut. GABA receptors stabilize your appetite and also improve your digestion when it’s time for a real meal. Korn recommends using raisins for this because of the texture. However, it could be done with anything you desire. For example, a bite-size Snicker. I think I’ll try it with a Snicker. What about you?