This Is The Most Popular Trader Joe’s Product — You’ll Be Surprised

February 27, 2019

Let’s be real. There are few things that live up to the hype. Like avocado toast, cauliflower crust, or Costco hot dogs (they’re good, but they’re not as great as everyone makes them out to be, okay??). But Trader Joe’s is different. After years of hearing about how great and affordable the grocery store chain is, I finally got a chance to shop there and realized that yes, it’s a big deal.

The company is known for having their own products, many of which have changed the way people cook. But do you know what the most popular product of all is?

It might shock you.

Honestly, I figured it was the Everything But The Bagel spice that recently made the news. The topping, which (as implied) is pretty much what you’d find on an everything bagel, is both unique and quite popular.

So popular, in fact, that a family earned thousands of dollars by reselling it.

But while it’s a fan favorite, it’s not their best-selling product. That honor goes to… *drum roll*: Their Sweet Chili Sauce. The Daily Meal reports that 13 states have listed it as being their top seller. The research was compiled by a company called WorkWise, who also looked to see what Trader Joe’s items were Googled the most.

One of the reasons it’s so popular is that it’s incredibly versatile.

You may figure it’d be great to have as a perfect complement to Asian food, but it’s also good with chicken nuggets. And, for this fan, it even works with avocado.

The Sweet Chili Sauce is also good on top of tofu, if you’re trying out a vegetarian diet (or, just really like tofu).

Doesn’t this look like the perfect lunch?

It’s also great to put on top of rice to give it a little more flavor.

Here’s another healthy lunch idea that incorporates the famous sauce.

It can even be added to an egg if you’re looking for a breakfast with a little more zing.

That proves that technically, you can eat Trader Joe’s sweet chili sauce with literally every meal.

This woman actually baked a salmon in the sauce and created a quick and delicious meal in just minutes.

It’s perfect inspiration, if you’re aiming to eat more fish but aren’t super fond of the taste.

Curious if you live in a state that ranked the sauce as #1?

It’s most popular in Nebraska, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Virginia.

Fans who have tried it are quick to make sure they’re always stocked up.

In fact, it’s so good that it often replaces other signature condiments entirely.

It just has a strange way of literally making everything taste better. Well, mostly everything.

Finding something that can work well on veggies, protein, and rice is rare.

You might even have a bottle of it stored in your snack drawer at work, for those moments when your coworkers want to order in. (Or, if your lunch leftovers from last night need a bit more flavor.)

It’s so good that it doesn’t even need words to describe it.

Try saying the same about your standard ketchup or mustard.

Of course, you might be curious about what the second most popular item was…

Supposedly, it’s their Macaron Variés.

They’re delicious for sure, but definitely in their own category.

They’re incredibly colorful and perfect for any party. Or, any Instagram account — honestly, it’s hard to scroll past a picture that looks like this.

It’s actually a little surprising.

I can imagine that people have tried out the variety of macarons before, but I imagine their pantries are just stocked with the sauce. It’s just perfect with every meal.

The aforementioned Everything Bagel seasoning came in third place.

People have been inspired to sprinkle it on everything from eggs to avocado toast to really make their breakfast come alive.

One person even used it as nail polish, which… okay.

It might be a little triggering for the nail biters among us, but at least it’s creative.

By now, Trader Joe’s knows they have so many hits on their hands.

It’s pretty insane to sell so many great products that customers literally can’t find at other grocery stores.

For people who don’t have a location near them, finding one while traveling is almost an event.

Next time you stop by, you might want to pick up a couple of bottles of their #1 product.

Since it’s getting a ton of buzz, it actually might be in danger of being sold out in the near future, so make sure you always have some on hand.