This Little Girl Giving Burritos To Firefighters Battling The California Wildfires Gives Us So Much Hope

This Little Girl Giving Burritos To Firefighters Battling The California Wildfires Gives Us So Much Hope

When you think of dangerous (but incredibly noble) jobs, “firefighter” normally tops the list. It’s a tough job to be so close to something so deadly, but it’s a necessary — and often quite rewarding — occupation. So, why not express your appreciation with burritos?

That’s exactly what one young girl did for the brave firefighters battling the Carr wildfire in California. Currently, there are thousands of firefighters trying to control the fire, which is happening in northern California. To help them stay energized, two-year-old Gracie Lutz gave these heroes breakfast burritos.

Her mom, Chelsea, captured the sweet moment on video. If Gracie ever runs for president someday, it might fit perfectly into a campaign video. Obviously, she’s got a lot of compassion and heart.

Those who live outside of California may be unaware of how disastrous the Carr fire has been. According to Time, around 12,000 people are in the midst of fighting the flames, including a few Lutz family members. Apart from destroying homes, the wildfire has, at this time, taken the lives of six California residents.

Gifting breakfast burritos is a wonderful way to show support to the people who are fighting to save homes and lives. Gracie also earned the title of “Burrito Girl” by Inside Edition, which is a pretty powerful nickname to have.

Even though Gracie’s kind video might make you want to donate to the Carr fire victims and those helping to combat the raging fires ASAP, the Sacramento Bee is reporting that people should hold off until they figure out what the victims actually need.  “Until we can really assess what people need in terms of the physical items, it’s really requested people not send them, because we don’t have anywhere to store this stuff right now,” said Kerry Caranci, the chief executive officer of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation, said. Instead, financial donations make the most sense so that victims can help rebuild what was taken away from them.

So much love goes out to those in California, especially the Lutz family. They’ve found both practical and creative (and tasty!) ways to make a huge difference.

It’s never a bad plan to donate to the American Red Cross, whether it’s money or even blood. If you feel like giving back, we suggest you check the site out and see what you can do.