How to Open a Stuck Jar: 20 Easy Methods

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Stuck jars can be a real kitchen nightmare! Discover how to open a stuck jar using common household items with these handy tips and tricks.

Rubber Band Trick

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Having trouble opening a jar? Try wrapping a thick rubber band around the lid. This simple trick provides extra grip, making it much easier to twist open stubborn jars.

Just wrap a rubber band around the lid, and you’ll have a much firmer grip. This hack is perfect for those with limited hand strength or arthritis.

Don’t let a tight jar lid ruin your day! Simply grab a thick rubber band, wrap it around the lid, and twist. The added friction makes opening jars a breeze.

Hot Water Method

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Struggling with opening a jar? Try running the lid under hot water for about 30 seconds. The heat will expand the metal, making it easier to twist off.

It’s a quick and simple trick that saves you from frustration. Next time you’re opening a jar, remember this handy tip. It’s worth a try!

Opening a jar can be a hassle, but luckily, there’s an easy fix that only requires hot water. It’s not magic; it’s the science of heat and expansion!

Spoon Leverage


Opening a jar can be a tricky task, but using a spoon can make it much simpler. Just slide the spoon under the lid’s edge and gently pry until you hear a pop.

This breaks the vacuum seal, making the jar easier to open. If you struggle with stubborn lids, a spoon can be your best friend.

By leveraging the spoon under the lid, you can create enough space to break the vacuum seal. This simple trick can save you time and effort when opening jars.

Rubber Glove Grip

Thumbs up with a orange vinyl glove

Opening a jar can be a real struggle, especially when the lid is slippery. Put on a rubber glove for a better grip.

The glove increases friction, giving you a stronger grip and making the lid easier to twist open. Say goodbye to jar-opening struggles!

Next time you’re having trouble opening a jar, grab a rubber glove. The extra grip it provides can be a game-changer, allowing you to open that stubborn lid.

Tap the Lid

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Opening a jar can be a real hassle, but tapping the lid on the counter can help. This technique breaks the vacuum seal.

One practical tip is to tap the lid with the edge of the counter. This method breaks the vacuum seal without too much effort.

Remember to apply just enough force to loosen the lid without damaging it. Be cautious and use controlled taps to prevent any breakage.

Dish Towel

Striped blue and white textile napkin folded on white background. Food styling element

Wondering how to open a stuck jar? Try using a simple dish towel! Start by selecting a thick, sturdy dish towel. Fold it to create multiple layers.

Wrap the towel securely around the lid, ensuring it’s tight and snug. The added traction from the fabric helps prevent your hands from slipping.

Hold the jar firmly with one hand and twist the lid with the other. The friction provided by the dish towel often breaks the seal.

Grip Pads or Mits

Silicone pot holder for hot dishes.

Grip pads or mitts are fantastic tools for tackling stubborn jar lids. Made from rubber or silicone, they provide excellent traction, significantly improving grip.

To use them, simply place a grip pad or wear a mitt over your hand. Secure the jar with one hand and position the pad or mitt on the lid with the other.

The material’s texture prevents slippage and allows you to apply more torque with less effort. This method makes jar opening easier with less strain on your wrists!

Butter Knife

Man's hand holding a knife. Isolated on white.

Using a butter knife to open a tough jar is a clever and handy method. Begin by ensuring the knife is clean and free of any debris.

Hold the jar firmly on a flat surface with one hand. With the other hand, take the butter knife and slide its edge under the lid, carefully prying it upward.

You might hear a slight pop, indicating the vacuum seal has been broken. This release of pressure often makes the lid much easier to twist open.

Duct Tape

a roll of Grey Duct Tape with white background

Using duct tape to open a tough jar is a game-changer! Start by tearing off a piece of duct tape about a foot long. Stick one end onto the jar lid.

Leave a few inches of tape hanging off the edge. Wrap the tape tightly around the lid, and then grab the loose end of the tape and pull.

Use a firm, steady motion. The duct tape gives you awesome leverage, making that stubborn lid pop open with ease. Give it a try and impress your friends!

Jar Key

Woman using a plastic gripper to rotate the lid off a tightly fitting jar of gooseberry jam.

A jar key is a nifty tool designed to make opening tough jars a breeze. This little gadget works by breaking the vacuum seal.

To use it, place the jar key’s edge under the lip of the jar lid. Gently lift the key upwards until you hear a small pop.

When the vacuum is released, you can twist the lid off easily. This is super handy and takes the struggle out of opening jars.

Hot Water Soak

water in a bowl on a white background

The hot water soak method is a fantastic way to open a tough jar. Start by filling a bowl or your sink with hot water—not boiling, but hot enough.

Place the jar upside down in the water, ensuring the lid is fully submerged. Let it soak for about 1-2 minutes. The heat causes the metal lid to expand slightly.

Carefully remove the jar from the water and dry it with a towel. Now, twist the lid off with ease. This soaking method works wonders!

Invert and Tap

Canned vegetable marrow cut into circles with spices in the glass jars turned upside down on a napkin on kitchen table during the home canning

The invert and tap method is a quick and easy way to open a tough jar. Start by turning the jar upside down.

With the bottom facing up, gently tap it against the counter a few times. This helps to loosen the seal by shifting the contents and breaking the vacuum.

After tapping, flip the jar back over, grab the lid, and twist it open. This simple trick can make stubborn lids much easier to handle.

Use a Belt

Brown leather belt, isolated on white background

Using a belt to open a tough jar is a super cool trick! Grab a sturdy leather belt and wrap it around the jar lid.

Thread the belt through the buckle and tighten it snugly, just like you’re fastening it around your waist. Hold the jar firmly with one hand.

Then, use the belt to twist the lid with the other. The belt gives you awesome leverage and grip, making it way easier to pop that lid open.

Bottle Opener

Metal Bottle Cap Opener Cut Out on White.

Using a bottle opener to tackle a tough jar lid is a genius move! Grab a standard flat bottle opener you’d use for soda or beer bottles.

Position the opener’s flat edge under the rim of the jar lid. Gently pry upwards, moving around the lid to break the seal evenly.

You might hear a satisfying pop as the vacuum seal is broken! With the seal broken, twisting the lid off becomes much easier.

Hammer Tap

hammer with white background

Using the hammer tap method is a clever way to open a stubborn jar. Grab a small hammer or the handle of a butter knife.

Hold the jar firmly on a flat surface. Gently tap around the edge of the lid with the hammer or knife handle.

This action helps break the vacuum seal by creating small vibrations that loosen the lid. After tapping all around the lid, give it a twist!

Wrist Flick

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The wrist flick method is a fun and effective way to open a tough jar. Hold the jar securely with one hand.

With the other hand, grip the lid firmly. Now, give your wrist a quick, sharp flick, almost like you’re snapping your fingers.

This sudden motion can help break the seal by creating a bit of pressure inside the jar. After the flick, try twisting the lid off.

Plastic Wrap

Roll of transparent plastic wrapping on white background

Got a stubborn jar? Grab some plastic wrap! Tear off a piece big enough to cover the lid with some extra to grip.

Press it down firmly over the lid. The plastic wrap gives you a much better grip, turning a slippery lid into an easy twist-off.

Hold the jar steady with one hand and use the other to twist. The added friction from the plastic wrap makes opening the jar a breeze.

Hair Dryer

device for drying and hair styling

Stuck with a tough jar? Try using a hair dryer! Direct the hot air around the jar lid for about 30 seconds to a minute.

The heat causes the metal lid to expand slightly, loosening its grip on the jar. Once the lid is warmed up, grab a towel.

Use the towel to hold the jar and twist the lid off. The heat makes a big difference, turning a stubborn lid into an easy open.

Drill a Small Hole

Cordless electric drill with a drill bit on white background

For a super stubborn jar lid, drilling a small hole can be a game-changer. Grab a small drill bit and proceed carefully.

Use the drill to make a tiny hole in the center of the lid. This action releases the vacuum seal inside, making opening it much easier.

After drilling, cover the hole with a piece of tape to keep the contents fresh if you don’t use everything right away.

Ask for Help

Mature man uncovers jar of homemade pickled cucumbers

Sometimes, the best solution for opening a tough jar is simply to ask for help. Call over a friend, family member, or roommate with a strong grip.

They might even have a different technique. Working together can make the task easier and more fun. Remember, there’s no shame in asking for help!

Two sets of hands can provide the extra strength and leverage needed to twist that stubborn lid off. So, don’t hesitate to ask for a helping hand.

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