McDonald’s Breakfast Hours: 20 McHacks

Everybody loves McDonald’s for its countless classic items. Breakfast time is especially popular for lovers of “the Don” with its iconic staples such as the McGriddle, that singular hash brown, or the hot cakes with butter and syrup.

There are some weird hacks out there to perfect your Mickey-D’s meal, but what are the best ones when the sun is up and you’re craving coffee?

We needed to find out what the top 20 McHacks are for the McDonald’s breakfast menu, and we highly recommend you try one of them the next time you are grabbing breakfast on your way to work.

McDonald’s Breakfast Hours McHack #20: The Egg McMuffin Big Mac

McDonalds McMuffin

This is where we will get started, because it has to be based off McDonald’s best sandwich, the Big Mac! So, here we have 2 sausage-egg McMuffins that you put together, add Big Mac sauce on, and have yourself a breakfast Big Mac!

Everyone loves how stacked the Big Mac is, so its great to have this option for breakfast. I highly recommend extra Big Mac sauce, it makes everything better.

McDonald’s Breakfast Hours McHack #19: The Sausage-Hash Burrito

The sausage hash burrito is the essence of texture. All you have to do is take the sausage burrito and unroll it, put the hash brown inside, then re-roll. Don’t forget to put some of that burrito sauce on top, its the best part!

McDonald’s Breakfast Hours McHack #18: The Apple-B.E.C Biscuit

Here we have a great option for those of you who are super into the salty and sweet mixtures – A bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit and you get a side order of sliced apples which you will take 2 to 3 of and put on top.

We also recommend a little hot sauce, and maybe a little honey, this sandwich is all about multiple flavor profiles, so do not be afraid to get weird with this McDonald’s breakfast hours McHack.

McDonald’s Breakfast Hours McHack #17: Fruit and Granola Yogurt Parfait-Smoothie Bowl

The fruit and granola parfait from McDonald’s is so mouthwatering, its delicious. There is also now smoothies at McDonald’s, which for the most part come in a variety of flavors, the most popular being strawberry-banana. So what we have here is a new and hip dish-the McSmoothie Bowl!

All you have to do is take your smoothie, any flavor will do, and put it in a bowl. Then scoop out the items of the parfait (fruit and granola) and put it to the side while you mix the yogurt with the smoothie base, then put the granola and fruit on top of the finished product. It is delicious, refreshing, and a great way to start your day.

McDonald’s Breakfast Hours McHack #16: Vanilla Soft Serve-Frozen Iced Coffee

This McHack may be a bit more tricky just because soft-serve is not always available, but the idea here is you order an iced coffee and soft-serve, then simply combine the two! Its just like a frozen coffee or coffee flavored ice cream.

McDonald’s Breakfast Hours McHack #15: Cinnamon-Bacon Roll

Everyone loves the classic maple-bacon donut, but what about the McDonald’s take on this sweet and savory treat?

Only two items are needed here: a side of bacon, and a cinnamon roll. You will stick the bacon into the roll by putting it in from the top, it fit will perfectly, and taste UNREAL. Its has multiple flavor and texture profiles but for those of you that enjoy that…we highly recommend this McDonald’s breakfast hours McHack.

McDonald’s Breakfast Hours McHack #14: Strawberry Preserve Sausage McMuffin

Everyone loves the classic sausage McMuffin from McDonald’s during McDonald’s breakfast hours. How can we get creative with it though? This McHack is an old one, its used by many and this is why we must share it! Strawberry preserves on the McMuffin…

This elegant mix is delicious because english muffins already are so delicious with fruit preserves, then if you put a savory sausage patty on top, you really have yourself a delicious-almost Monte Cristo like sandwich!

McDonald’s Breakfast Hours McHack #13: Honey McChicken Biscuit

Taking the sandwiches even further, this one may be tricky because not all locations of McDonald’s offer McChicken items in the morning, but those that do, we highly recommend a McChicken biscuit but take a honey packet and put it on top. We also like to recommend a dash of hot sauce if you can find it.

Honey and chicken goes together as well as chocolate and peanut butter. The sweetness of the honey balances the salty and flavorful bite from the chicken. In between a buttery McDonald’s biscuit? You may not be able to stop at one…

McDonald’s Breakfast Hours McHack #12: Breakfast Nachos (Hash Browns, Egg, And Cheese)

Everyone loves nachos because they are easy to eat, full of different flavors, and usually very filling. So why not have it for breakfast – All you need to do here is order 4-5 hash browns made well-done, break them up and put them in a container then ask for a side of folded eggs and American cheese. Break up the egg and cheese all over the well done hash brown chips, and there you have McNachos!

McDonald’s Breakfast Hours McHack #11: McFlurry Topping Hotcakes

Classic hotcakes with butter and syrup is a classic, but sometimes its fun to put chocolate or something fruity on top of our pancakes. All you have to do to enjoy this McHack is get an order of hotcakes then pick some McFlurry toppings that you enjoy, like M&M’s or Oreos, ask for a side, and put it on top.

McDonald’s Breakfast Hours McHack #10: Hash Brown Sandwich

We know that many people have already tried this, so its important we give this McHack its recognition. All you have to do here is order 2 hash browns with any breakfast sandwich and then replace the 2 buns or biscuits or muffins with hash browns!

It may be a little greasy, but it will be too hard to put down, and you likely will come back again to have another!

McDonald’s Breakfast Hours McHack #9: Bacon Fries

McDonald's Sign

Bacon fries are pretty straight forward, you just ask for strips of bacon and put them in a little fry bag and you can enjoy them as you would french fries. This McHack is certainly a good one for you bacon-lovers!

McDonald’s Breakfast Hours McHack #8: Hotcake-Egg HandRolls

Hand rolls are a delicious way to eat sushi – but with fast food? Absolutely, why not? All you need to do here is buy an order of hotcakes, a couple folded eggs, and a couple pieces of bacon. Roll each hotcake individually with egg and bacon, and there you have your McHand Roll!

We highly recommend dipping this in syrup…trust me, and don’t be stingy with it!

McDonald’s Breakfast Hours McHack #7: Sausage Cinnamon Roll Sandwich

For those of you with a sweet tooth, you have a great sandwich here. All that needs to be done is you order an individual sausage patty along with a cinnamon roll. Cut the roll in half then put the patty in between and there you go! The variety of sweet and savory mixes together beautifully.

McDonald’s Breakfast Hours McHack #6: Sausage Hash Brown Bowl

Breakfast bowls have become increasingly popular, and for good reason. They always fill you up – so lets find a McBreakfast Bowl.

The elements of this are fairly straight forward, get a to-go container from McDonald’s, and put it in broken up hash browns, egg, sausage, and then layer it with American cheese slices.

Get wild and break up a couple pieces of bacon over it and ask for some burrito sauce to go on top. This McHack during McDonald’s breakfast hours will have you running back for more.

McDonald’s Breakfast Hours McHack #5: Chicken and Hotcakes

Chicken and waffles is a classic, but McDonald’s for the most part isn’t offering waffles, so what’s the next best thing? Pancakes! So let’s get to it.

This one is pretty simple, you order hotcakes and a side McChicken patty, then put the patty over the hotcakes before you place butter and syrup on for taste. This will perfectly emulate the chicken and waffles dish, but will do so with a McDonald’s breakfast hours twist! Go try one! Don’t be afraid to add some hot sauce.

McDonald’s Breakfast Hours McHack #4: Chicken Breakfast Burrito

The McChicken breakfast burrito is a great option for those of you who are big into the sausage burritos and love McDonald’s chicken. All you need to do is get a patty to put in your burrito and re-wrap. Its incredibly satisfying, filling, and sometimes addicting!

McDonald’s Breakfast Hours McHack #3: Egg on Any Burger

So this McHack is somewhat situational, not all McDonald’s will have breakfast and lunch/dinner served at the same time, but for those that do, if you can get any type of McDonald’s burger then ask for a side egg to put on top…You have yourself a McMorning Burger! YUM. Don’t forget big mac sauce…

McDonald’s Breakfast Hours McHack #2: Folded Egg Instead of Rounded

McDonald’s has two different kind of eggs – liquid form folded, or a USDA Grade A-cracked round egg. Many people prefer the round egg because its an actual egg, but some do enjoy the consistency of that liquid form folded egg.

Both of these eggs are done very well, but each have their place. Its always good to know you can choose! Feel free to ask next time you are at McDonald’s during breakfast hours for a folded instead of round egg.

McDonald’s Breakfast Hours McHack #1: Round Egg Instead of Folded

The round egg is great because unlike the folded egg, its not liquid. It may cost a little more, but you taste the difference – its an actual egg. You can request it in any sandwich, although some do come with it.

Some people do prefer the folded egg, they just are used to it, but for those of you who maybe prefer just a more traditional egg on your sandwich, ask for a round!


We have talked about some crazy different McHacks. McDonald’s breakfast hours are the best hours of the day – you have so many choices and so little time to decide what to have!

Try one of our McHacks and see for yourself!

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