These Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Hearts Will Turn Up Your Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2019

There’s only one holiday that’s really a big deal in February — Valentine’s Day. Or, if you’re not about that, then there’s Galentine’s Day the day before. Either way, pressure’s on to show the ones you love how much you care about them. This is an especially tough time, since it can feel really hard to be original and genuine, without being majorly cliché (not a bad thing, but we all want the people we love to feel special). It’s also rough because, even though roses and chocolates are typical, who would complain about those things? Definitely not us!

Personally, I consider Valentine’s Day a true food holiday. Last year, it was all about devil’s food cupcakes. Before that, it was the perfect excuse to make some brownies for my best friends, and this year, I’m ready to enjoy a home-cooked meal and some form of a chocolate dessert with my significant other.  This year, as I was looking for a less-involved treat to share with my loved ones, I found the perfect recipe.

Think of the perfect combination between chocolate-covered strawberries and heart-shaped candies, and you’d get chocolate-covered strawberry hearts. So cute! Not to mention delicious — who could resist chocolate-covered strawberries (or chocolate in general)? It’s simple, yummy, and sure to be a hit.

Start with some ripe and juicy strawberries.

So Yummy

Don’t forget to cut the little leaves off the top!

Slice them vertically…

So Yummy

That is, from the top down. This is crucial to make the right shape.

…then flip them cut side down, using a toothpick to keep them together.

So Yummy

Stick the toothpick diagonally through both halves so they don’t separate.

Now you’ve got the heart shape down.

So Yummy

Place each heart on a rack with a tray underneath (you don’t want too much of a mess to clean up).

Here’s the best part: pouring silky melted chocolate all over the strawberries.

So Yummy

Are you drooling yet??

Once the chocolate is set, it’s time to decorate.

So Yummy

Use some red frosting to pipe an elegant pattern on the strawberry hearts.

Voila! You’ve got super yummy (and cute) chocolate-covered strawberry hearts for this day of ~love~.

So Yummy

With these, you’ll easily be the star (heart?) this Valentine’s Day. Good luck sharing these — you’ll want to keep them for yourself (and hey, we’re all about being our own valentine).