What It’s Like to Throw an Unwanted Dinner Party

What It’s Like to Throw an Unwanted Dinner Party

Dammit! This happens way too often. Either you’ve opened your big mouth, or somebody else has opened it for you. Your time and home have been volunteered for a dinner party. Brace yourself, let’s walk through this…

First, it’s that initial smack in the face when you realize you’ve been doomed to throwing the dinner party.


You’ll spend an hour complaining to your best friend about how you don’t want to do it.


Now it’s time to think about the meal. What is easy and quick to make?


Can’t spend a ton of time thinking about it. You still need to clean up and do your evening workout.


Get dinner started …..


After cooking is done, rushing to get showered and dressed will be hectic.


Now it’s time to hug and greet your guests. Wear a smile to hide the fact that you’re exhausted.


Make some final touches to your meal and do what’s necessary to stay sane amongst all these people.


Serve dinner and dessert while still pretending you would rather do this than Netflix & chill.


Here comes the hardest part. Politely get your company to pack up and go home.


Clean up again or pass out?


Screw it, goodnight.