This Easter Yoga Bunny Is Receiving Backlash For Its "Suggestive" Pose

This New Chocolate Easter Bunny Is Receiving Backlash For Its “Naughty” Pose

The intention was good. It’s just that the execution is, well, not so good. The U.K.’s Mark and Spencer supermarket unveiled a new chocolate bunny just in time for the Easter season. Called “Yoga Bunny,” the treat is turning heads for all the wrong reasons. In fact, Yoga Bunny has gone viral for its hilariously “suggestive” post.

You see, the milk chocolate Yoga Bunny is supposed to be in a downward dog yoga pose.

However, customers are seeing something different… and that something different is also something dirty.

One U.K. Twitter user likened Yoga Bunny to Jessica Rabbit.

Another said that all the Yoga Bunnies in the candy aisle looked like they were having a grand old time.

Guys, get your minds out of the gutter.

These are innocent chocolate bunnies we’re talking about — bunnies that are weirdly connected to a religious holiday centered around Jesus Christ! Good Lord.

Truthfully, it’s hard not to see the ~somewhat sexual~ pose, and we’re kind of boggled that no one on the M&S team caught it before Yoga Bunny hit the shelves.

But, what’s done is done.

And Yoga Bunny, posing in a bed of “raspberry nibs,” as Insider reports, has become a viral sensation.

Jessica Rabbit is not part of this equation, Christian. And you know that.

Erm… we’re feeling uncomfy.

“Oh my good grief!” one Twitter user wrote. “It looks like its stuck in a saucy position!!!”

Okay, fine. We like the word saucy. What of it?

The hashtag #naughtylittlebunnies was being used to share photos and comments about Yoga Bunny. And we dislike that very much.

Honestly, same. We need a nap.

Fair enough. Forward fold, chair pose, the list goes on.


“Prayers for those of us who have to try and sell this product with a straight face,” this Twitter user said.

Our thoughts go out to the employees of M&S supermarkets everywhere.

Luckily, the people of M&S have a collective good sense of humor. They took note of Yoga Bunny’s rise to internet fame and first tried to defend —

— but then gave into the masses. “Cheeky” indeed.

Some are all about the bunny’s buns. Warning: the below Photoshopped image is borderline NSFW.

And others are not about to put that Racy Rabbit in their kid’s Easter basket. Understandable.

During Valentine’s day, M&S sold a “Love Sausage” that caused a similar stir amongst social media users. The Love Sausage looked just as suggestive as the name sounds.

We don’t know what kind of marketing strategies M&S is going with lately, but they’re kind of working.

Twitter is eating up the weird, saucy limited-edition items.

We’re not sure if we would buy the Yoga Bunny for the children in our lives.

But we have a feeling our friends would get a kick out if it.