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Ariana Grande Is Tweeting About Mangoes For A Hilarious Reason

If you’re curious about Ariana Grande’s diet, she typically eats a lot of Japanese vegan food. But, she’s also a pretty big fan of fruit. And that explains some of her recent tweets.

A Glamour magazine interview with her trainer, Harley Pasternak, revealed that Grande’s plates are often filled with daikon, adzuki beans, and lotus. And one other thing that you probably don’t have to Google — blueberries. But it seems like she’s also been pretty vocal about mangoes as well.

In fact, mangoes might have derailed blueberries as being her #1 go-to fruit.

And hey, she may be onto something. Not only are they delicious, but they’re excellent for you. The stone fruit is high in vitamin C, and reportedly helps your skin glow. Made of 80% water, they’re also great in keeping you hydrated.

Even mango skins are good for you.

Their peels are actually linked to lowering cancer, which means you might not want to toss it out the next time you dig into a mango. It’s unclear as to whether or not Grande knows the multiple reasons why mangoes are wonderful. But, she knows she likes them.

That’s probably what led to this tweet that left some of her biggest fans baffled.

It almost seems like Grande was in the middle of texting a friend, and accidentally tweeted instead.

Fans couldn’t help but wonder if it was a clue to a new song.

Others just posted photos of mangoes. Because why not, right?

Some fans just openly shared their love for the fruit. It’s something else they have in common with Ariana Grande, after all.

There were also plenty of mango jokes to make. This one’s pretty funny.

Most people thought she was being quirky.

But since the tweet was so out there, some other people had no problem with showing a bit of concern.

Aside from that, people thought the tweet may have been a product of lack of sleep. Grande has been really busy recently preparing for her tour, which just started.

On March 20th, the singer will be in Boston.

Surely plenty of fans might bring her mangoes out of dedication.

But, yes — back to that tweet. After stating it, Grande proved her love of mangoes once again by retweeting something she typed up back in 2013.

It was pretty funny to see her dedication to the tweet.

Even fans laughed at the fact that it may have taken her several scrolls to find it.

Since Grande names songs after things she likes, this fan theory is a real possibility.

Doesn’t “Mango” sound like a great summer hit?

But, Grande finally revealed what the tweet was all about. In fact, she pinned it for all to see.

It’s a nice little poem about how it’s possible that a juicy fruit like mango can be mistaken for a man. And fans just weren’t expecting it.

Especially since fans were pretty set on the fact that Grande was dropping new lyrics.

That’s how “thank u, next” came to be.

But if you think about it, mangoes are also the best fruit to possibly signal a breakup. Just think about it.

If mango sales start to increase, you may want to thank Ariana Grande for that.

Sorry, blueberries — you have a place in her heart, but don’t have a place in poetry.

(At least, for now.)

Anyone want to place bets on whether or not Grande’s next tattoo is of a mango?

She’s a fan of ink, and it seems like her love affair with the fruit may very well last a lifetime.