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Ariana Grande Just Got Caught Singing About Pizza In The “Privacy” Of Her Own Home

Ariana Grande is arguably the biggest pop star in the country right now. It’s almost unbelievable how talented she is. But talent aside, she’s also won a lot of hearts over by being honest about her life. Like many young stars, there’ve been times that haven’t been easy. And like the majority of us, sometimes her mind is just focused on pizza.

Grande’s used to being on film. Prior to being a singer, she was well-known for appearing on Nickelodeon. But, nobody could have expected this type of footage — not even Grande herself.

Speaking of Nickelodeon, Grande sang a song about pizza for you and me, originally sung by SpongeBob SquarePants. And thankfully, it managed to get caught on video. Even though she was belting out the song, she was seemingly upstairs when her friends filmed the footage. It ended up on their Instagram Stories, and Grande was quick to add it to hers as well.

And you’ve got to admit it — the girl’s got a nice set of pipes. Her most recent songs have been catchy, but in this popular pizza song, you can tell how much range she actually has.

To compare it to the original, here’s SpongeBob belting it out. It’s really, really catchy, and it’s a shame Grande’s friends didn’t catch the full version.

Aside from pizza, it proves that she’ll always hold Nickelodeon in her heart. Since she technically sang on her shows, it was an important step in her career.

Grande was so proud of the video that she also posted it on Twitter. Turns out, a ton of her fans are also fans of SpongeBob.

And because social media is amazing, it sounds like SpongeBob is also a fan of the version. Which is really important when you’re doing covers.

As funny as it was, she still made some fans worry. Her fanbase is not only loyal, but also protective.

She might want to consider recording it. People have already had it on a loop since it made its way to Instagram.

But, let’s talk about what this video really inspired. It inspired people to go out there and order a pizza, because it’s Friday and Ariana Grande loosely demanded it.

Pizza is seemingly an important part of her life. Back in the day, one of her most notable dates with ex Pete Davidson was to a pizzeria in Brooklyn.

The duo reportedly dined at L&B Spumoni Gardens at least once. And even though pizzerias do serve more than pizza, it’s kind of their specialty.

If you’re local and looking for square pizza that isn’t Ellio’s, you might want to stop on by. This looks incredibly tasty, and perfect for a party.

It seems ridiculous, but it’s important to note that Grande didn’t always feel so warmly towards pizza. Back in 2012, she posted a tweet which made it seem like she didn’t eat pizza at all.

And, what? Seriously?

Sometimes, it takes seven years to realize what you’re really passionate about. Or, maybe Grande just never ate a good pizza pre-2012. Who knows.

No matter what, it looks like that crisis was averted. If Ariana Grande ever crashed at your place, you could successfully order a pizza and everyone would be happy.

And after the pizza? Perhaps a SpongeBob marathon.

Let’s hope that Grande surprises her fans with even more pop culture melodies. No matter what song it is, her version is bound to be perfection.