This Brand New Starbucks Drink Is For Everyone Who Hates Coffee And Tea

I remember my first sip of coffee and, well, it was the absolute worst. I couldn’t believe how my mom — the smartest woman I knew — would drink such a ghastly concoction on a daily basis. Little did I know, my tastebuds would someday change. Now, I’m a modern-day Lorelai Gilmore when it comes to my coffee habit. But despite the amount of cream and sugar you can add to the mug, some people still haven’t grown to like the taste. Luckily, Starbucks meetups with friends aren’t sad affairs, as the company has the coffee-haters totally covered — especially when those meetups happen in Starbucks locations all over Europe.

Starbucks Europe just unveiled a delicious new drink that’ll even make coffee lovers impressed. It’s hot chocolate which is — not going to lie — pretty much the coziest hot drink for when snow is on the forecast. But it’s way more than that. It’s Salted Caramel Brownie Hot Chocolate, which is bound to impress even the serious chocoholics out there.

Bustle writes that the drink is new this year, replacing the standard seasonal hot chocolate flavor called Fudge Hot Chocolate. And yeah, that sounds good, but Salted Caramel Brownie sounds far more superior.

It even looks like it’d be fun to drink. This is a beverage to take while window shopping, right when the weather starts getting cold enough for mittens.

According to the Starbucks U.K. website, the drink combines steamed milk and mocha with a rich caramel sauce. Which, yum. The brownie and salted caramel brittle are added afterward. The only bummer about the drink is that it’s not gluten-free — so apologies in advance if you’ve got a sensitivity.

It’s also a bummer since, well, people were looking forward to the return of Fudge Chocolate. It’s almost like if you’ve been waiting all year for the PSL, and then Starbucks chose to replace it with a different type of pumpkin drink. Not like they would, but. Well, you never know.

Since Starbucks locations in America have so many holiday drinks to choose from this year, maybe Starbucks Europe will reconsider in 2019 and offer up both hot chocolates. Because you can’t go wrong with variety — especially if you’re not down with coffee.

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