Coca-Cola Just Launched A Fancy Mixer Coke For All Of Your Cocktail Needs

coke signature mixers

If you’re a fan of alcohol, you’ve probably mixed your spirit with Coca-Cola at some point. Sure, alcohol and caffeine isn’t the best combination for your health, but it’s hard to turn down a rum and Coke after a long day. Even though standard Coca-Cola has always been fine, the company has decided that perhaps the late night recognition could be used to their benefit.

Coke has just released four new drinks that are meant to complement dark whiskey and other liquors. They’re called Coca-Cola Signature Mixers, and based on their names, they don’t sound like drinks you’d want to grab as a quick snack. Unless you want to down something that can be categorized as “smoky,” “spicy,” “woody,” or “herbal.”

Here’s the catch — as of right now, it looks like these drinks are only available in the U.K. Coca-Cola has yet to make diet versions, but who knows? Maybe if these catch on, they can add a few to the lineup. Since alcohol in itself is pretty caloric, it’d make sense for consumers to want to have something a little lighter.

Even if you’re not a drinker, there’s something very beautiful about the glasses that these mixers come in. It seems like Coca-Cola put a lot of time into getting them right.

They were so dedicated that they actually worked with bartenders in order to perfect these products. Who’d know better than the people mixing those drinks in the first place?

One person even dubbed the drinks as “one of the biggest hits of the century.” If these can seriously put a new spin on old bar favorites, that’s definitely possible.

The bartenders who worked with Coca-Cola were told to keep the project on the down-low. So, it must be pretty exciting to finally be able to talk about such an innovative product.

So far, people seem excited about these new drinks. The only problem, of course, is their limited availability.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t a fair share of skeptics. One person vocalized on Twitter that these mixers complicate drinks that were intended to remain simple.

Others feel like regular Coke is good enough. Why mess with the classics?

No matter what, there are always going to be people who will be against a product like this. Namely, people who fear change.

But you have to admit. A whiskey and Coke really is a solid drink.

The big question is, will bars start stocking these four new mixers? Or, will they only be available in stores?

Reason being, it might be tough if you’ve really gotten used to a rum and Coke that has an “herbal” feel to it. That drink may not taste the same if you ordered it out.

It’s also a big question as to whether or not Coca-Cola will make these available outside of the U.K. Difford’s Guide noted that they were “initially for Western Europe.”

They also wrote that it’s likely Coca-Cola wanted a drink to mix with dark beverages because whiskey and rum are both growing in popularity.

For quite some time, it was vodka (and flavored vodka) that seemed to be everyone’s go-to, so it’s interesting to see this new development for different spirits.

Even though the product is launching with four flavors, the company would be open to releasing more in the future — especially if these are successful. But, it’s almost hard to figure out what flavor profile they could add to the already-impressive lineup.

If you’re in the U.K., you should consider giving some of these a try. At least for the opportunity to say, “I want a Woody Rum and Coke, please!”

It’s actually pretty amazing that Coca-Cola hasn’t tried making these before. If these mixers are a success, they’ll definitely solidify their place as the best mixer out there.

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