You Can Get A Free Starbucks Frappuccino Today — We're Not Kidding

You Can Get A Free Starbucks Frappuccino Today, And No, We’re Not Kidding

free starbucks Frappuccino
free starbucks Frappuccino


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Is there anything better than a Starbucks Happy Hour? Maybe — if it was a Starbucks Happy Hour surrounded by kittens. Besides that scenario, the answer is “not really.”

Cut to: Starbucks just announced yet another Happy Hour, and it’s great news for Frappuccino fans. Unfamiliar with Happy Hour? First let’s make sure you’re on board, since the Happy Hour is one of the best promotions Starbucks has ever thought of.

Every so often, Starbucks randomly announces a Happy Hour. It’s a busy time for baristas. Each Happy Hour comes with a different deal. Sometimes, you can get a percentage off of lattes, and other times, Frappuccinos are the beverage that’ll come with the deal.

So, how do you learn about Happy Hours? Simple. You download the Starbucks app and get in the know. They also have an email list that all Starbucks fans should sign up for through their website.

Happy Hour, in Starbucks terms, starts at 3 p.m. That means it’s the perfect way to bond with your coworkers during that dreaded afternoon time where all of you need caffeine and a break from your computers.

And if you want to impress one of those coworkers? Today’s the day to do it. According to Refinery29, the deal is a BOGO.

Here are the details. With every purchase of an espresso or Frappuccino drink that’s sized at a grande or larger, you’ll be eligible to get one free.

You’ll want to double-check to make sure you’re part of the Starbucks Rewards program before you go. Just the app is necessary to participate in Happy Hour, but for frequent buyers, it’s a must.

If this was a deal from any company other than Starbucks, you’d imagine they’d go bankrupt. But, Starbucks knows what they’re doing.

They know that with every Happy Hour, they gain even more of a wider fanbase. Sure, we’ve all gone to Starbucks before, but not all of us have signed up for their mailing list and Rewards Program.

Plus, since so many fast food companies have apps these days, it’s good to know that by downloading the Starbucks app, you can grab rewards — and a free Frappuccino is a great reward.

It’s never too late to call yourself a Happy Hour expert. The first thing you’ll need is a good buddy who likes Frapps just as much as you do.

This time, the “round” can be on you. Next time, they can pay for discounted drinks.

If you don’t have a friend? Well, might as well make one over coffee. If you post on Facebook or Twitter that this first drink is on you, surely someone special will take you up on that offer.

Elite Daily noticed that Starbucks seems to announce Happy Hour days near the end of the week. So, you might not notice many falling on a Monday.

But that also makes a ton of sense. Monday isn’t usually the day you need a pick-me-up.

Happy Hour reportedly started up in 2010. It used to only be a way to push Frappuccinos, but Starbucks has changed it up recently to include even more of their drinks.

For people who seem to have a typical favorite at Starbucks, these events are a good way to open up to other beverage choices. Since Starbucks is notorious for shifting around their menu, especially seasonally, it’s a perfect way to expand your range.

So, why did these events start? Rumor has it that Starbucks got more serious about Happy Hour after McDonald’s started their own coffee promotions.

Once known for just the Big Mac, McDonald’s has amped up their coffee selection in recent years. Since a lot of their offerings are cheaper than Starbucks, a lot of caffeine fans choose the fast food company for their afternoon coffee.

Starbucks isn’t hurting, but it’s always good to look ahead. One of the ways to keep afternoon sales flowing and keep their customers happy? Happy Hour, of course.

Make sure you download the app and stop into your local Starbucks today at 3 p.m. for a great deal.

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