Coffee-mate Released Two New Flavors That Will Make Your Drink Taste Like Candy

new coffee mate snickers and dove chocolate

Our morning joe is about to get a whole lot sweeter. Coffee-mate just launched two new coffee creamer flavors inspired by a couple of iconic candy bars. Dove Dark Chocolate Almond and Snickers have been blended into coffee creamer that you’re going to want to drink straight from the bottle. Don’t though — they taste a lot better in your coffee. Trust us.

The new Coffee-mate Snickers and Dove Dark Chocolate Almond creamers appeared in stores earlier this month. That means many lucky caffeine addicts have already gotten the chance to sample them. And the results are in: people are in love.

Dove Dark Chocolate Almond Coffee-mate has a rich mocha flavor to it, whereas the Snickers variety offers undertones of caramel. Each has a nuttiness to them that cuts through the sugary sweetness.

Just a dab will do ya, so you’ll get to enjoy your 32-ounce bottle for quite some time. Sorry, Starbucks. We just started an affair with Coffee-mate and we don’t care who knows.

Both bottles will only set you back $3.59 (ahem — which is much less than our normal coffee shop order). Checking out what Snickers or Dove Dark Chocolate Almond Coffee-mate has to offer is a win-win situation, TBH.

And people are eating these news flavors up. Literally.

You really can’t go wrong with Snickers-flavored anything and everything. Peanuts, chocolate, and caramel are serious power players.

*Randy Jackson voice* It’s a yes from me, dawg. You’re going to Hollywood!

A delicious cup of coffee may be the ticket to world peace. Move over, politics.

Game-changing, attitude-changing, life-changing. Snickers Coffee-mate will solve everything.

OMG. Chey’s fridge is literal fridge goals. Invite us over.

And don’t you worry. Dove Dark Chocolate Almond is also just as delectable to the masses.

Kathy Lee and Hoda are big fans, BTW. Their vote matters to us. And as Hoda mentions, each serving of these Coffee-mate creamers is only 35 calories.

You heard it here first. The Dove Dark Chocolate Almond is the “bomb.”

Oh, man. Dove Dark Chocolate Almond in coconut coffee? We’re drooling.

These two new flavors have us excited for what’s to come for Coffee-mate. At the end of 2018, the company was looking for suggestions.

And wow, did they get some good ones. Rocky Road would be amazing.

Others would love to see some old classic Coffee-mate flavors come back. Blueberry Crumble was always our fave.

Actually, maybe we liked Vanilla Nut best. It’s hard to choose a favorite.

We cannot wait to pour both of these new Coffee-mate flavors into our next morning mug. Which one is your favorite?

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