This New Starbucks Princess Frappuccino Looks So Sweet That It Will Make You Sick

starbucks princess frappuccino

Before you get excited to see that Starbucks released a Princess Frappuccino, know this — right now, it’s only available in Japan. Bummer, right? For those of us who don’t live there, we can at least witness the beauty of this Frapp from afar. And by afar, I mean on Instagram.

The Princess Frappuccino was released along with the Witch Frappuccino, which looks… interesting, but nowhere near as appetizing. They’re both here to celebrate Halloween, and will only be around for a limited time. As you’d expect, the Princess Frappuccino is bright pink, and looks dainty and elegant. It’s the Frappuccino we’d imagine the royal family would drink to celebrate the holiday, if Frappuccinos were their thing.

Curious about the ingredients? It turns out that a very important fruit (especially to one Disney Princess in particular) helps give it that pink color. HypeBae reports that it has an apple compote base mixed with milk and a yummy white mocha sauce. Since no Frappuccino is complete without whipped cream, it’s topped with that along with sprinkles that look a little bit like pearls. Those sprinkles really tie the whole drink together. Nice touch, Starbucks Japan.

In case you’re having trouble picturing it, here it is in all of its glory:

The shade of pink is almost perfect. It’ll be hard not to feel like a true princess after ordering one.

Here it is next to the Witch Frappuccino, which looks a lot spookier by comparison:

If Frappuccinos aren’t your thing, Starbucks will also be offering matching donuts that represent the concept. If you happen to be local, you might as well try them all.

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