Ariana Grande Did The Most Badass Thing When Running Into Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom At Dinner

Ariana grande katy perry

Forget the feuds, ditch the drama, and put out the cat fights. Random acts of celebrity-on-celebrity kindness are the only stories we want to hear from now on, starting with this gem that stars two pop princesses.

Katy Perry recently told an interviewer that a sushi dinner with fiancé Orlando Bloom and Bloom’s son Flynn ended in a sweet surprise that had nothing to do with dessert.

The ‘Roar’ singer recalled that she ran into Ariana Grande at the restaurant, and when she, Orlando and Flynn finished the meal a while later, the restaurant staff told them: “Ariana Grande has taken care of it.” Yes, the same Ariana Grande with 14 top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart (so far…) who is currently on a world tour for her album Sweetener still takes the time to surprise her friends.

Perry was just as moved by the gesture as we would have been.

And just as starstruck! “We’re like, ‘OH MY GOD, THAT’S SO COOL!'” Perry recalled. She described it as, “that’s such a boss move and it’s just such a cute gesture,” and said Bloom said that he had “mad respect” for Grande.

The internet found Perry’s reaction very relatable.

We aren’t the only ones who think so!

We also love a heartwarming gesture.

It’s exciting to see celebrity friendships blossoming.

Or should that be blooming? Especially between the super famous.

We stan celebrities supporting celebrities!

Grande is setting friendship goals.

And not everyone is sure they can match up.

There’s a little jealousy going around.

We wanna be friends with Grande too!

However, some couldn’t see beyond the money.

It’s the thought that counts — even when both people are multi-millionaire$.

But to others, kindness is kindness.

It costs nothing to be nice.

We’ll join Perry’s Ariana fan club.

She’s got a grande-sized heart.

The pair have been friends for a while.

Not necessarily BFFs, but they catch up. Here they are at the 2018 Met Gala:

And with two more people you may just recognize:

They even know how to tease each other.

In August 2018, Perry responded to a photo on Grande’s Instagram feed, “Can you put on your jacket once please just once.” This is what she means:

Grande’s response: “no”. We can picture them giggling about that.

Grande has other celebrity friends.

She and Miley Cyrus are close: sometimes they even combine regular friendship stuff like hanging out in onesies with singing:

Grande is also tight with Nicki Minaj.

Despite rumors of a feud between them. Here’s how Grande shut those down:

It’s not just people who already famous. Singer Normani, formerly of Fifth Harmony and now striking out on her own, recalled how much Grande had helped her.

Friendship is the new feud.

OK, sure, we love to gossip: but seeing celebrities being sweet to each other is a refreshing change from hearing them lashing out. From now on we say food > feud.

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