People Are Convinced That Emma Stone’s Oscars Dress Looks Like Breakfast

Emma Stone Oscars 2019 dress

Last night’s February 25th Academy Awards was pretty much ladies night — and that we are totally here for. The Oscar statuettes were flying, feminist camaraderie was high, and fashion was on point. However, despite her dress being both aesthetically and technically stunning, Emma Stone’s Oscars 2019 dress is getting compared to, not one, but several different breakfast foods. And TBH, the comparisons are pretty hilarious.

Stone, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Favourite, wore a copper-sequined gown designed by Nicolas Ghesquiere for Louis Vuitton.

As a brand ambassador, Stone had the honor of wearing a custom piece.

And don’t get us wrong — the sequin, pearl, and bead detailing of the dress is breathtaking.

“The embroidery took 712 hours plus 22 hours to adjust it after shrinkage,” the brand told People on February 24th. “The artwork was made by 2 people in 5 days.”

“It was quite difficult because the design was geometrical and we had to reduce and increase the elements’ dimensions without changing their total number.”

But it’s that burgundy-colored geometrical design that has people comparing Stone’s dress to waffle cones, toast, ham — really an entire buffet of brown foods.

And let’s face it, they’re not incorrect.

The dramatic shoulder design has many thinking waffle cone. They look crisped to perfection.

Others see a perfectly-cooked breakfast waffle. Who has the syrup?

Or, more like a well-done waffle. It’s looking a bit burnt.

This dress would absolutely make Eleven from Stranger Things yell “leggo my Eggo.” Okay, seriously though — who has the syrup?

Some are getting less waffle and more toast. We’d buy a diamond-shaped toast any day.

Calum saw a freshly-baked loaf of bread. We see it.

Did Louis Vuitton just turn Gaga’s meat dress into jerky? If so, nice use of upcycling.

Stone does look like she’s hamming it up on the red carpet. Pun intended.

Really — the dress is cooked to perfection. Dinner’s ready, fam!

Some are calling it “the kebab dress.” The shape is uncanny.

Would it really be so bad if she was wearing a dress made out of bacon? Those sitting next to her would be able to snack all night.

Others aren’t seeing food at all. Twitter user Belen is getting dragon egg vibes.

Stone better not be wearing one of Khaleesi’s dragons. Get PETA on the horn!

Budini is seeing “cockroach exoskeleton.” Hm…we’ll have to Google this.

Sparkly red pineapple, anyone? Spongebob could never.

What do you see in Emma Stone’s Oscars Rorschach Test dress?

Waffle? Ham? Dragon? Honestly, we see all of the above.

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