Kylie And Kendall Jenner Looked Like Cans Of Fanta At The Met Gala

jenner met gala

We’re not sure if Kylie and Kendall Jenner were going for the whole grape/orange soda look with their 2019 Met Gala outfits, but they achieved it. Both Kylie and Kendall wore Versace to the event — Kylie in light purple and Kendall in orange. Despite the excess of sequined glitz and feathered glamour, the Jenner sisters looked like cans of Fanta soda standing side-by-side, and the internet can’t get enough of the comparison.

Kylie wore a see-through Versace mermaid dress, complete with a shell-like neckline.

The skirt was doused in feathers from the knee down, and matching purple feather cuffs that looked more like a glorious boa. The entire look, with Kylie’s purple wig included, was very reminiscent of the purple jumpsuit (and matching pasty) Lil’ Kim wore to the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards, which is something we are all about.

Kendall, on the other hand, looked like a Vegas showgirl in a bright orange bedazzled number with a feathered collar and sleeve detailing.

Like her sister’s dress, Kendall’s Versace piece flaunted a feathered skirt to match the beaded body of the dress. We got total Cher vibes from the number and we’re still waiting for Cher to comment on the costume. Cher? You there?

Although Kylie and Kendall looked ~amahhhzing~ in these Versace gowns, some people couldn’t help but see, well, Fanta. Cue “Wanna Fanta?”

In fact, more than one person made this comparison. And neither of them are wrong.

Our favorite grape and orange sodas have never looked better. Nor have they looked more like Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Wait. Was Fanta in on this the entire time?

Other people chimed in, tweeting that Kylie and Kendall looked more like Zendaya’s evil step sisters. For those who missed it, Zendaya went as Cinderella (in a freaking light-up dress).

Or, perhaps the three were doing an Ella Enchanted-inspired look. That is also eerily on point.

And, it’s true. Kendall did look a lot like Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove — and we mean that in the best way.

Their purple and orange colors also matched another famous pair. We’re not trying to imply anything, here. We’re simply drawing a comparison.

They could have been going for a Blades of Glory look. That’s acceptable.

Or… Um, never mind.

In fact, Kendall and Kylie had a lot of orange-and-purple-duos to be inspired by. But which one could it be…?

Whatever it was that inspired their outfits, we’re really glad they went for it. They look like Disney villains, movie stars, and cans of soda all at the same time.

And, yes. Now we do “wanna Fanta.”

But honestly, we only want it if it looks like this coming out of our fridge. Otherwise, water will have to do.

Slay, soda sisters. Slay.

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