Jessica Simpson Shared A Photo Of Her Freezer, And People Are Surprised By All The Breast Milk

Jessica Simpson breast milk

When it comes to pregnancy, Jessica Simpson has literally seen it all — especially with baby #3. “After a month of sciatica pain, followed by 3 weeks of bronchitis, I figured since my feet fit in my sneaks today I needed to walk out a lot of anxiety!!” she wrote on Instagram back in February, before the arrival of Birdie Mae Johnson in mid-March.

Even after terrifying pregnancies that lead to a lot of health scares, new moms still don’t have it easy when the baby arrives. For one, their schedule is that of their newborn — and newborns are kind of a mess when it comes to timing.

One of the hardest tasks? Breastfeeding. Even if a mom has ideas about everything going smoothly, and breastfeeding being a bonding experience they share with their newborn, a lot of problems can come up. For one, the age-old question of, “Are they eating enough?” Secondly, nobody openly tells you about blebs. Those are blocked pores in your nipple that can be incredibly painful. Even the word “bleb” can easily tell you it’s something horrific.

That said, there’s nothing that brings a new mom more joy than when things go right. And if the breast milk is flowing, and you’ve got extra to spare, that’s a massive success.

That’s why every mom should literally be in awe of this photo that Simpson took of her freezer. It’s literally just a mountain of stored breast milk.

If you’re wondering if that haul is impressive — it is. Spare breast milk is great since it allows partners to help feed the baby if the couple decides on a breast milk-only regime.

This isn’t the only time that Simpson has been proud of her supply. On April 2nd, she posted a photo of her “success,” and every pumping mama out there celebrated alongside her.

Something else you might not understand is that pumping milk is pretty time-consuming. Yes, you can get a hands-free bra, but nothing will stop the fact that you’re literally attached to a machine.

That’s why “don’t cry over spilled milk” is more or less a phrase for pumping moms. Every new mom who pumps has accidentally spilled a few ounces and felt a pang of sadness, even if there was more in the freezer.

It’s almost like making a full pasta dinner, and then throwing it in the garbage before it actually makes its way to the table. It’s even more devastating for women who usually yield a low supply.

Simpson isn’t the only woman out there who’s photographed and shared her stash with the world. Plenty of women have used their safely stored milk almost like a trophy.

It’s kind of amazing to also truly visualize what a postpartum body is capable of. Just think — women not only create life, but they’re able to nourish that life for quite some time after birth.

Even though many women believe that “breast is best,” it’s important to know that a fed baby is actually best. That’s why it’s amazing that organizations exist for women who want to feed their babies breast milk, but don’t have the ability.

A lot of things can affect a bad supply. According to Medela, health issues like diabetes, thyroid conditions, or even hormonal disorders can affect the amount of milk a mother is able to provide.

Sometimes, photos of a huge stock might end up making some new mothers feel a little hopeless. Even though a successful flow should be celebrated (since it’s so many hours of work!) it’s important for them to know they’re not alone.

It’s up to each individual mom to decide whether or not supplementing with formula, or contacting a breast milk bank, would be a better choice for their situation. But between the two, there’s no wrong answer.

There are also plenty of ways to try to up your supply at home if you envision having a freezer like Simpson’s. Some women have luck sipping on herbal tea, while others go to baked edibles to help their flow. Medela also suggests contacting a lactation specialist, especially if this is an ongoing issue.

If you formula feed, or plan to be childfree, that means one thing — your freezer has a lot more room for things that also matter. Like, as Cardi B demonstrated just the other day on Instagram, Bagel Bites.

Simpson had such a tough third pregnancy that every win during this time should be celebrated.

Being a mom is hard work, and being a mom in the spotlight is even tougher. Birdie Mae is in excellent hands and seems like such a sweet addition to the Simpson/Johnson household.

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