Kim Kardashian Said She Would Indulge In Donuts After The Met Gala, Just Like All Of Us Would

kim Kardashian donuts

Fans of fashion were all about the Met Gala this year. The annual event always brings out the most avant-garde of the avant-garde. Let’s just say that most celebrities don’t go out there wearing their standard little black dresses, especially when you’re someone like Kim Kardashian.

But it seems like there’s actually another tradition that celebrities often partake in that has nothing to do with fashion. It has something to do with food. Usually after a big night, celebrities chow down on delicious, quick meals that are typically on their do-not-eat lists.

The reason why is a little sad, but makes a ton of sense.

Celebrities know how heavily photographed these events are, so they want to look their slimmest. But afterward? Who cares. So, they’re often seen grabbing fast food or just downing a ton of pizza because they can. Personally, I like to think of every day like the “day after the event,” but then again, my Met Gala invites have never actually arrived.

Kardashian, of course, stunned at the event. But what’s even more stunning is the fact that she ate a ton of donuts the morning after, made fresh just for her.

The reality star hasn’t exactly made it a secret. She absolutely loves the Doughnuttery in New York City, even calling it her favorite place to go.

And just by looking at them, you can see why. The Doughnuttery seems to specialize in tiny, delicious, hot donuts that the Kardashian family can’t get enough of.

In fact, Kim Kardashian even gave them a shoutout on the red carpet. “Oh, I have donuts waiting for me — getting delivered. I have like hot and fresh donuts,” she said to E!, per Bravo.

She seems to really like the variety with rainbow sprinkles, since that’s what she had delivered. Here are the exact donuts that were prominently displayed on her Instagram Stories.


Kardashian was reportedly following a plant-based diet for weeks prior to the Met Gala. So, those donuts probably tasted even better.

You have to admit. As far as donuts go, Doughnuttery offers up some pretty cute ones.

Plus, since they’re much smaller than your average donut, you might not feel as bad about indulging. (Because some days, it’s all about the quantity.)

So far, Doughnuttery has four locations. Three are in New York City, and one is in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. And since their website lists franchise information, they might be expanding.

Surely having Kim Kardashian’s constant praise will only help the company. When a Kardashian digs your product, that’s something to celebrate.

According to their website, they currently offer up 26 flavors to fans who opt for delivery. Customers can also get a dipping sauce to go with their donuts, because why not?

Even better, one of those sauces is just Nutella. Yum.

But, it’s not just Kardashian who digs Doughnuttery. People are singing its praises all over Twitter.

So, next time you’re in New York City? You may want to book a trip.

Even better, you can then officially tell people you’re eating like a Kardashian. A Kardashian after the Met Gala, no less!

Even if you’re not close to a Doughnuttery location, maybe you can celebrate Kim Kardashian’s post-Gala dessert of choice by stopping by Dunkin’ for a dozen. Not the same, but still very good.

So, thank you, Kim Kardashian. You’re a great reminder that sometimes, the best way to celebrate a big event is with a warm donut.

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