Kylie Jenner Responded To The Most-Liked Egg On Instagram With Her Own Meme

Kylie jenner egg

Because the world is a magical (and extremely confusing) place, a picture of an egg — literally a super boring stock photo of an egg and nothing else — just took the crown for most-liked picture on Instagram. Eggs are delicious, but is this where we are as a species?

Apparently yes, since the catalyst for the now-33 million likes (since January 4th) was the “world_record_egg” account, which, for whatever reason on this good earth, decided to go after Kylie Jenner’s most-liked image of her newborn baby, Stormi. Kylie’s pic sits at 18.3 million posts, so it’s not even close anymore. It’s an egg versus Kylie world, folks.

Obviously, some people have, well, feelings, about the Kardashian-Jenner clan — but today, Kylie got back at the infamous egg by posting a meme of an old Snapchat video of herself cracking an egg onto very hot concrete. The meme’s caption said, “Kylie when she sees the world record egg account.” In response, Kylie’s caption reads, “Take that little egg.” The case of the egg is getting even more scrambled!

The most hilarious thing is that people are asking when the all-famous egg will begin selling merch, since so many blown-up Instagram accounts try to capitalize on their following. (For what it’s worth, we wouldn’t mind a T-shirt paying homage to one of the best foods out there).

So who is behind the egg account? No one is sure right now. We’re also not sure what the intention is — although our bet is that the account wanted to create a commentary on the world’s social media-obsessed state of affairs. Or maybe someone just wanted to have a bit of fun?

Gizmodo even wondered if “the banal egg account was started by Kylie Jenner to create artificial competition and raise more awareness of Kylie Jenner.”

Who knows. It’s all very meta, you guys. What’s even weirder — but not at all unexpected — is the amount of wacky egg posts (like egg fued-inspired makeup) that have gone up since:

Like Humpty Dumpty, we can’t wait to crack open the case of the egg. We’re egg-sausted just thinking about it. (Sorry, we’ll stop now).

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