People Think Jessica Simpson Took It Too Far With Her “Diet Goals” Instagram Pic

jessica simpson weight loss

Has there ever been a celebrity dragged for her weight more than Jessica Simpson? The singer and one-time reality star (because even though 2003 was a long time ago, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica was a national treasure) has always made headlines due to her weight. Like many celebrities, she couldn’t win. She was either too heavy or too thin.

That may be why she’s ultra-focused on weight loss this year. Simpson is expecting her third child with husband Eric Johnson. The two are already proud parents of a girl named Maxwell Drew, and a son named Ace Knute. Simpson didn’t make it a secret — when she announced her pregnancy in September, she opened up and said she was expecting another little girl.

Sadly, Simpson is already worried about what comes after, especially since she’s been the butt of jokes in many headlines. After posting a video where she seemed a little out of breath while trying on a detox mask, critics on the internet couldn’t help but call her bloated.

Let’s get one thing straight — it’s never okay to openly comment on a celebrity’s weight. But it’s also never okay to comment on a pregnant woman’s weight. People carry weight differently every pregnancy, and it’s just a little cruel.

But, it wasn’t that video that caused Simpson to make headlines. Weirdly enough, it was her tribute to Karl Lagerfeld.

Lagerfeld passed away on February 19th at the age of 85. He was an important name in the world of fashion and had met Simpson, who runs a shoe brand, before.

So Simpson’s tribute was a little more personal. With a photo pulled from Getty Images, Simpson referred to him as a genius. But, she added something at the very end that fans felt was inappropriate.

It’s possible that Simpson wanted to point out her weight in the photo before someone else did. So, perhaps “After baby diet goals 🙏🏼” was a way to point out that she’s not currently happy in the skin she’s in.

Since it was on a tribute to a fashion icon, a lot of people were turned off by it. But then again, those people may not get trolled about their weight online every day as Simpson does.


Did it seem vain? Perhaps a little. But mostly, the timing was way wrong.


When it comes to weight and pregnancy, Simpson is actually known as being one of the most relatable celebrities. So, maybe she was trying to connect to her audience and didn’t realize her timing was a little bad.

Her confidence also might be a little shot because she’s been swelling like crazy. In January, Simpson posted a photo of her pregnancy feet, and they’re almost unreal.

She seemed to have a sense of humor about it, but once again compared herself to the way she used to look before kids. Which is very real, but can really zap your self-esteem if you think too hard about it.

This pregnancy has been extra hard for Simpson. It would come as no surprise if she’s had to visit a doctor more than most pregnant women, based on her symptoms.

It could be that after three pregnancies, Simpson is just ready to focus on herself again and reclaim her body as her own. If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know it’s a hard goal to achieve.

Unlike other celebrities, at least Simpson is showing the harsh realities of what pregnancy can do. But in the end? It’s worth it. Especially if your kids turn out even half as sweet and special as Simpson’s kids.

Hopefully, Simpson knows that she’s not expected to look a certain way after birth. Her body created three amazing kids, and nobody looks the same way they did in their early 20s. Plus, as someone who’s been an ambassador for Weight Watchers, she should know that the key to feeling healthier (and yes, losing weight) is by eating more wholesome, nutritious food. Of course, you should always consult with your doctor before trying a diet, since every body is different, and this particular diet may not be right for you. Weight Watchers is, luckily, a diet program that believes in gradual, healthy weight loss.

She should be proud of her body and ignore any hate she gets. By now, I think we’ve all realized that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Weight should never overshadow your accomplishments.

If Simpson does choose to diet after giving birth, let’s hope that her goals are mostly to be healthy, and not to look the way she did years ago. Weight aside, pregnancy can often change the structure of your body.

Simpson should still be open and honest about her weight if she wants to, but she should also know that her true fans aren’t judging her. She’s accomplished so much at all sizes.

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