Travis Scott Is Coming Out With A Reese’s Puffs Cereal Box, And People Are Freaking Out Over This One Detail

travis Scott cereal

Listen, we love a good bowl of cereal as much as the next person. But we’re sorry, Travis — we’re not about to drop $50 on a box of Reese’s Puffs. Rapper Travis Scott has teamed up with Reese’s Puffs to drop a $50 limited-edition box of cereal, and people are giving him some major side-eye. You know you can get the same stuff from the grocery store for a couple bucks, right?

To be fair, Scott’s Reese’s Puffs will flaunt his Cactus Jack branding and come in an acrylic collector’s box. So it’s not like he’s simply jacking up the price of the same-old same-old. But still… we’re literally not buying it.

According to FoodBeast, the Cactus Jack Reese’s Puffs will officially go on sale tomorrow, June 25th, via Scott and Reese’s will also reportedly host a popup event at Paris Fashion Week tomorrow, during which they’ll debut the cereal box to the public.

We suppose if you think of the collaboration as more of an art piece rather than cereal, the $50 price tag doesn’t sting quite as much. And who knows — maybe there will be a Travis Scott action figure inside each box. That would make it all worth it, in our opinion.

And if you had one of these boxes displayed in your house, it would absolutely be a great conversation starter. You’d just have to be super careful that your friends don’t get the munchies.

Otherwise, the value of the box might drop significantly. Wait — can a box of cereal even be appraised?

If so, it’s a catch-22. Open the box, potentially affect its value. Don’t, and never know if there’s a figurine inside.

A lot of Scott’s fans aren’t sold on the $50 price. And tbh, we can’t blame them.

It is just a box of Reese’s Puffs, after all. So don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Unless we’re missing something. There isn’t any gold dust mixed into the recipe, right?

Nor are we getting more Reese’s Puffs for our buck. Sad.

We could *maybe* see this limited-edition collectable cereal costing half of what Scott’s selling it for. But $50… That’s half of $100! No, thank you!

LOL. More like OOW (ouch our wallets).

However, others are looking at this collab as an investment. They’re ready to put down the cold, hard cash for a box.

They want it. They need it.

To them, the Travis Scott Reese’s Puffs cereal is art. And hey, it’s your money.

But we’re with Craig on this one. Sorry, guys.

Perhaps this entire ordeal was a missed opportunity… Shoot.

Are you guys going to invest in Travis Scott’s “new” cereal? We’d rather buy 25 boxes of regular Reese’s Puffs than one collector’s item. But that’s just us, we suppose.

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