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Costco’s New Cookie Is Being Called “Dangerous” For A Good Reason

Back at my high school, the cafeteria sold giant chocolate chip cookies. This was well before the healthy food push (which is an all-around great idea), but no lie — I still miss them to this day. If a pop quiz threw you off your A-game, the cookie was there for moral support. It’s unclear if schools still carry this wonderful treat, but here’s some good news — Costco is selling something kind of close.

It’s a giant heat-and-serve cookie that is meant to be presented at a party but would also probably work as an “everything’s stressful” treat for one. (Important to note, I’m not a nutritionist.) The cookie contains real chocolate, real eggs, and real butter — so it’s almost like a homemade cookie. Plus, putting it in the oven counts towards this description as well.

If you’re looking to set up an at-home gym, this cookie may also be of service. Called the Colossal Cookie, it weighs in at almost three pounds, meaning there’s a lot of substance there. It’s also, as PopSugar and Instagrammers noted… kind of dangerous.

Seriously. I can think of around three occasions already that would require me to eat this thing in one sitting. That’s exactly what makes it so dangerous — the fact that it’s basically all our cravings in one bite.

It was spotted by Instagram account CostcoBuys, who said that the cookie was currently going for $7.99. Which is another reason why it’s dangerous. These could easily be added to your weekly shopping list without breaking the bank. And since it’s chocolate chip, it really is perfect for every occasion. It’s not like a pumpkin spice cookie that’s geared towards fall. (Okay, I could totally eat pumpkin-flavored stuff all year.)

You might want to stop by your own Costco and see if the Colossal Cookie is in stock. If you’ve never been before, this might be a great reason to become a member.