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Discontinued Taco Bell Menu Items That We’re Still Craving

It’s time to get serious about fast food. Burger chains pop up left and right, and hog all of the drive-thru glory. However, there is one chain that personally we think rises above the rest – Taco Bell.

The fast service Mexican restaurant was founded in California in 1962, and has been breaking the rules ever since. Why? Because Taco Bell knows and embraces what it is.

While other chains fight it out to appear healthy or higher grade, Taco Bell leans back and chills. They are essentially that skater kid in the back of your high school A.P. class. You wonder why they’re there, they always seem to be saying something ridiculous, but then they somehow ace every test.

Over the years, Taco Bell has been there through late night study sessions, and post-party drunk food.  And now the brand has started to become a cultural phenomenon. It used to be uncool to like Taco Bell, but now it’s back en-vogue.

But at its core, the restaurant is known for simple Mexican food and a rotating menu that would make anyone’s head spin. While some staples like the Cheesy Gordita Crunch, the Chalupa, and the Crunchwrap Supreme are classic, a few items have come and gone over the years.

These are the discontinued Taco Bell menu items we have been craving. Which ones made you feel like you were truly leading the “live más” life?

Kit Kat Chocoladilla

Quite possibly the weirdest brand collaboration of all time.

When you think of Taco Bell, the only dessert that likely comes to mind are the Cinnamon Twists. But over the years the company has tried to expand to other sweet items.

Case in point: the Kit Kat Chocoladilla of 2017. Made with melted Kit Kats grilled in a flour tortilla, we’re not sure if it’s the most brilliant thing we’ve ever heard of or just gross? Apparently, most of the world felt the same way since the item didn’t stick around for long.

Bell Beefer

The lone burger — well, sort of.

From the ’70s to the ’90s, Taco Bell tried to compete with burger fast food joints with their own spin on the drive thru staple.. It was called the Bell Beefer, and according to fans, it was glorious.

The item is all of the ingredients used in a crunch taco (beef, lettuce, cheese) except on a bun. They also added tomatoes, diced onion, and their mild sauce.

They discontinued the item in the mid-’90s, but a lot of fans are still asking for it to be brought back. (Seriously, there’s an ongoing petition.) Even though we’re not sold on the taco burger idea, might as well give the people what they want. Come on, how bad could it be?

Naked Egg Taco

I guess it saved on carbs?

When Taco Bell made the jump into breakfast foods, we were elated. Is there anything better than a breakfast burrito?

And while most of their items were everything we’d hoped, (Breakfast Crunchwrap or bust!) some fell a little flat. Enter the Naked Egg Taco of 2017.

The taco — well taco type thing — forgoes a tradition shell and instead uses a fried egg to hold potatoes, bacon, and cheese. It was greasy, hard to hold, and obviously didn’t have that “fresh cooked egg” taste we longed for. Also, we’re still not sure how they got the eggs in that shape.

Reaper Fries

Honestly, they’re killing the french fry game.

One of the best ever add-ons to Taco Bell’s menu might just been their Nacho Fries. It took years, but the crisp french fries dusted in nacho cheese were not only bursting with flavor, but they gave other fast food fries a serious run for their money.

The Mexican restaurant didn’t want to stop at nacho, so they expanded to Reaper Fries in 2018. The fries were made with Carolina Reaper, which is apparently the world’s hottest chili pepper. They also came with a side of sour cream, though we’re told they weren’t actually that spicy.

Sadly, these fries never made it to the national menu.

Chicken Caesar Grilled Stuft Burrito

“Think outside the bun”

Following the fallout from films like Supersize Me that focused on exposing the nutritional deficiencies of the fast food industry, many companies responded by trying incorporate healthier menu options.

In 2003, Taco Bell created the Chicken Caesar Grilled Stuft Burrito. It was supposed to be like a salad on the go. It was made with all of the ingredients of the classic salad (chicken, lettuce, Caesar dressing) and added in red tortilla strips.

The item was supposed to be a fresh and modern alternative, but most people didn’t really buy it.

Volcano Taco

The spiciest taco they ever made.

The Volcano Taco seems to be remembered more for its fire engine red color than for its flavor. It could practically stop traffic.

The item was coined as their hottest taco on the menu, though most people said it tasted similar to the other items on the menu. The taco came with the classic ground beef, lettuce, and shredded cheese combo the chain has become known for.

They were discontinued on 2013, which sparked some outrage, though they have never made their way fully back onto the menu.


We’re still 100% not sure what it is.

A genius collaboration? Or too confusing to eat? The jury’s still out on the Enchirito. The item was half burrito, half enchilada. It was made with a tortilla filled with beef, beans, cheese, and onions – then smothered (like absolutely drenched) in a red enchilada sauce and topped with melted cheese.

The item was a staple of the chain since the late ’60s, but was finally discontinued in 1993. There was a brief return of a more modern version in 2000, and it managed to stay on the menu for another 13 year before falling to the wayside again in 2013.

For a long forgotten item, it’s still HUGELY popular.

Seafood Salad

Is it too rude to say good riddance?

During the mid to late-’80s, there was a rise in fast food restaurants offering Lent-friendly options. Both McDonald’s and Wendy’s fish sandwiches also debuted in this era. Taco Bell offered, an er, well unique option – a Seafood Salad.

The meal came with whitefish, snow crab, and shrimp in a tortilla shell, which was then covered with cheese and olives. Sound weird? Well apparently it tasted even weirder, and most people remember the unique smell it gave to the restaurants.

While there are many menu items we’d love them to bring back, we think they made the right choice discontinuing this one.

Cinnamon Crispas

It’s safe to say we’d be first in line if they ever brought these back.

The Cinnamon Twists are easily Taco Bell’s staple dessert, but did you know that before twists, came crisps? Yes, really.

The Cinnamon Crispas were fried tortilla chips covered in cinnamon and sugar. They were also only 39 cents, which is just another reason Taco Bell reigns supreme on the affordable food option.

Sadly, they were taken off the menu in the late ’80s and replaced with Cinnamon Twists. But the silver lining is cinnamon sugar chips are now pretty common. And while it’s not the same as Taco Bell, you can head over to local grocery story if you ever want to satisfy your craving.

Double Chalupa

Sometimes, more of a good thing isn’t always the best.

The Chalupa had been a huge hit for Taco Bell, and in an effort to monetize the success, they doubled down in 2017 with this beast of a meal.

The Double Chalupa was exactly, and we me EXACTLY, like the original only twice the size. The shell was double wide and stuffed so fully that it needed to come in a holder so it wouldn’t collapse.

It also featured double the beef, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and sour cream. This menu item has come and gone a few times over the years, so chances are this item may not be discontinued for long.

Bacon Cheeseburger Burrito

Did this really exist?

You love bacon. We love bacon. Everyone loves bacon. It’s one of the best foods ever, and it works on everything, well, almost everything.

In 1995, Taco Bell launched their Sizzlin’ Bacon Menu, which in theory should be been the biggest game-changer to ever hit the franchise. Tacos and bacon? Yes, please!

However, some of their items on the menu weren’t what consumers had in mind, like the Cheeseburger Bacon Burrito. The burrito was essentially their version of a cheeseburger stuffed inside a grilled tortilla, and no one seemed to go for it. The menu was discontinued only a year later.

While burgers are great, it’s just not why anyone goes to Taco Bell.

Verde Sauce

The one sauce lost to time and lack of popularity.

Taco Bell’s Hot Sauce is one of the brand’s biggest items. They gained praise not only for their delicious flavor (and easy-to-follow heat levels) but for their cheeky sayings. Hey, it’s not often we get complimented by a condiment, but we don’t hate it.

While most of their sauces have always been red, they did use to have a Verde sauce. The green topping was Taco Bell’s answer to tomatillo, and it was pretty popular among the milder taste bud set.

However, the sauce was pulled in 2016 since it was by far the least used of the salsas. If you are missing the Verde sauce, you can find it for sale (at a way higher price) online.

Grilled Stuft Nacho

For when you want nachos on-the-go.

Have you ever wanted to eat nachos but not be tied down to a table or chair? Well, Taco Bell thought you did, hence the Grilled Stuft Nacho of 2013.

The concept was simple enough, and it honestly was delicious. Shaped like a triangle, the grilled tortilla was filled with nacho cheese, ground beef, and crisp red tortilla strips. We’re not sure why they ever took this off the menu, but fingers crossed it makes its way back.

Air Heads White Mystery Freeze

We still don’t know what the flavor was.

In 2016, Taco Bell collaborated with another famous candy brand, Air Heads. They teamed up with the chewy candy to create the Air Heads White Mystery Freeze.

It also added to the mysterious flavor debate that had been surrounding the white Air Head since 1986. According Taco Bell executives, the decision was a no-brainer saying it had been “one of the most delicious debated of our generation.” We guess the real mystery is how was it ever discontinued?

Black Jack Taco

We’re not sure we want to ask how.

The Black Jack Taco at Taco bell was a short-lived Halloween promotion from the late 2000s. The taco was made with the staple beef, lettuce, and cheese, which came inside a black taco shell. The item also came with Baja sauce.

Despite its supposed “spooky” nature, most people were just scared. Customers didn’t really want to eat something that looked so, er unnatural, and the item quickly was removed as a menu option. Sorry Taco Bell, we love you, but we get where they were coming from.

French Toast Chalupa

The breakfast saga continues.

Another item on Taco Bell’s breakfast menu that never quite made the cut was the French Toast Chalupa. The taco-like item came full of eggs and sausage inside a french toast shell. It was also coated in cinnamon and served with a side of syrup.

Safe to say, it was a lot, and people didn’t respond to the whole “non-shell” taco idea. The breakfast chalupa never reached staying status on the breakfast menu, despite a small band of loyal followers.

Firecracker Burrito

We were way too scared to ever try this one.

At first glance, the Firecracker Burrito may not seem like the most terrifying item Taco Bell ever invented, but rest assured it is. The burrito was full of beef, nacho cheese, rice, and spicy sauce.

However, the real kick was that it came with a spicy candy-like substance that would shoot off in your mouth. So yes, they literally wanted you to put spicy Pop Rocks on your burrito. We’re just not sure what in the world they were thinking, but not surprisingly, the 2017 Taco Bell item didn’t test well.

Naked Chicken Chips

These were the best, and you will never convince us otherwise.

Chicken nuggets are not only one of the best foods at fast food restaurants, they are one of the best foods of all time. The childhood classic is still super popular with adults, and frankly we can’t get enough.

Taco Bell finally added their own unique version with the Naked Chicken Chips. They were spiced chicken nuggets shaped like tortilla chips. They also came with a dangerously good cheese dipping sauce.

Somehow, despite their wild popularity, they never made it to permanent menu status. They’ve been gone since 2017, and fans are petitioning to bring them back.


This 2016 discontinued Taco Bell menu item was a sight to behold.

The Quesalupa was promised by the brand to be one of their biggest items of all time, and in a way it was. The shell was made of two tortillas fried into a taco shape, which was then stuffed with pepper jack cheese.

And trust us, it was good!

The melty shell helped to highlight the chalupa’s traditional ingredients. Despite its popularity, it didn’t stick around for long, but word on the street is there is a large group of people with a petition to bring it back. Um, where do we sign?

Chicken Club Burrito

Just not the kind of burrito anyone wants.

In 1995, Taco Bell introduced the Chicken Club Burrito. It’s made exactly how it sounds with chicken, a tortilla, and lots and lots of ranch.

For some reason Taco Bell has never quite nailed the chicken game in their menu. In most things it just tastes bland, and the Chicken Club Burrito was not different.

Also, the brand refused to use ranch dressing in a effort to be different, but unfortunately the burrito was just plain old forgettable.

Nacho Crunch Stuft Burrito

Another day, another burrito.

Given the name, Taco Bell seems like it would be known most of all for its tacos. And while that’s mostly true, the chain has been known for their far-out burritos.

The Nacho Crunch Grilled Stuft Burrito was way easier to eat than it was to say. It was added to the menu in 2005 and was made special by the crunch red strips and extra portion of nacho cheese. Even though it was a safe bet, the item only lasted one year.

Fully Loaded Nachos

We’ll take two.

In 2008, Taco Bell tried to up the ante with its nacho game with the Fully Loaded Nachos. The based was a crispy tortilla chip bowl and came equipped with just about everything but the kitchen sink — seriously it had double sized servings of beef, beans, cheese, chips, salsa, guacamole, and sour cream.

Unfortunately, the item didn’t stand the test of time. But we do tip our hat to them for paving the way for other nacho items on their menu.

Waffle Taco

This was a real thing.

Troubling to look at, and we’d imagine even more troubling to eat, the Waffle Taco was one of the first breakfast items Taco Bell ever debuted in 2014. It’s made with a waffle instead of a shell wrapped around a sausage patty and scrambled eggs. It also came with a side of syrup to dip in.

Call us tradition, but we just don’t want our waffles shaped like tacos. Apparently, most of the world felt the same way since the item was eventually discontinued.

Cheetos Burrito

It ain’t easy being cheesy.

Taco Bell collaborations may seem out-there at first, but they tend to lead to the best items on the menu. Without a crazy idea, we would never have the Doritos Loco Tacos. And that would be a sad, sad, day.

So when the brand announced its partnership with Cheetos, we had high hopes that a new age of snack related menu items was upon us. Sadly, the Cheetos Burrito fell a bit flat. The 2016 item was literally just their standard burrito stuffed with Cheetos.

Call us crazy, but we still have hope. Maybe they can bring back this discontinued Taco Bell menu item but add some beef?

Naked Chicken Chalupa

Less carbs, but way more confusion.

Taco Bell’s effort to find a tortilla substitute hasn’t been limited to breakfast foods. Their Naked Chicken Chalupa might have been too “out-of-the-shell,” as this shell was made with fried chicken. We don’t even want to ask how they managed to get a piece of chicken to stay in taco shape, but it was…something.

The Taco Bell item was filled with lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese only, since the protein portion was already accounted for. We appreciate the risk-taking, but what can we say, we’re not that brave.

Chicken Biscuit Taco

Please, we just want a normal taco shell.

In an effort to bring a new twist on tradition breakfast foods, Taco Bell created the Chicken Biscuit Taco. According to their website, they wanted to “bring respect” to the classic Southern dish of chicken and biscuits.

The item was a biscuit shell wrapped around a piece of friend chicken and smothered in honey. The item was confusing, hard to eat, and if anything just made us want some of the real thing.

Which discontinued Taco Bell menu items do you miss the most?