Family Meals: 1950’s vs. 2010’s

We’ve come a long way since the 1950’s, an era where preservatives and boxed foods made their way into the homes of families around the world, and Jell-o based dishes were a BIG hit (who knows why).

Taking a trip down memory lane, check out some traditional 1950’s family meals compared to what we’re happily munching on now.

The 1950’s: Salisbury Steak


Your grandmother’s favorite childhood dish combines a french onion soup, bread crumbs, egg, and ground beef mixture molded into patties to make up the bulk of the entree, with a thick Worcestershire and mustard sauce to compliment.

The 2010’s: Turkey Meatballs


These days, we’re going for the organic, free-range ground turkey and using coconut oil, fresh parsley, and organic chopped tomatoes to create some delicious homemade meatballs in a red sauce.

The 1950’s: TV Dinners


1953 started the craze that is TV dinners. They transformed how the family dined together. Popping these babies in the oven and setting up TV trays in the living room meant both dinner and I Love Lucy!

The 2010’s: Meal Prep Delivery Companies


Delicious meals made easy Lots of households are utilizing meal prep delivery programs to cut down on the time spent cooking to receive tasty ready-to-eat meals on a daily basis.

The 1950’s: Meatloaf


A fairly simple recipe, the cooks of the house would simply use tomato sauce (or ketchup) as the final touch to fresh-out-of-the-oven meatloaf.

The 2010’s: Meatloaf


We’ve altered the traditional meatloaf recipe to reflect a wide array of taste buds and health-conscious foodies.

The 1950’s: Deviled Eggs


The go-to appetizer back in the day, deviled eggs ruled the hors-d’oeuvres platters. And don’t even get me started on that sprinkle of paprika that always changed the game.

The 2010’s: Egg Salad Bites


Adding a creative twist to the use of egg, we’re loving these open-faced egg sandwiches on bruschetta.

The 1950’s: Gelatin EVERYTHING


We’re not sure who hyped up stuffing literally anything into gelatin, but it was all the craze and could be found in virtually every household during that time.

The 2010’s: Tarts galore


Partial to freshness, we’ve gone a bit bonkers in the fruit tart category and we’re not apologizing for it anytime soon.

The 1950’s: Slow Cooker

Finally, we wanted to highlight one particularly relevant piece of kitchenware that has stood the test of time: The slow cooker, better known as a Crock Pot.

The 2010’s: Crock Pot

It was a hit in the 50’s and is still an important and almost necessary household tool. Check out the video to see how you can utilize your Crock Pot to make a yummy Chicken Parm!

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