Here’s Help on How to Save Money on Groceries


Anything that comes between me and my hair appointment money is a problem. The growing expense of my groceries was becoming one. So, I made adjustments to my grocery shopping and cooking routine and I was blown away by the amount of money I saved. I decided to share these tips because no woman or man should have to miss a hair appointment. Keep reading and start saving money!

1. I Use Grocery Apps

I had a habit of going to the grocery store without a list and throwing whatever caught my eye in the cart. I would end up double purchasing food items and waste money on unnecessary items (like a shimmery nail polish that was misplaced in the cereal aisle). Now, I take twenty minutes on every Sunday and use an app on my phone to plan my weekly meals, find recipes, and make a list. I also stick to the list, no exceptions.


2. I Hate Meal Prepping, But … 

I’m not a fan of eating the same meal every week, therefore prior to budgeting I never did meal prep. However, meal prepping is necessary when budgeting because it helps stretch your food items into multiple meals. I meal prep a la carte and switch ingredients daily to create new meals throughout the week.

3. I Do My Own Research

After further review of my grocery receipts, I noticed brown eggs were more expensive than white eggs. Instead of continuing to follow this “healthy” brown egg trend I found on Twitter, I did my own research. Let’s keep this short and I’ll end with I never bought brown eggs again.

4. I Cook Meals According to Weekly Deals and in Season Food Items


If chocolate chip cookies are on sale, guess what’s for dinner? I stopped letting weekly deals pass me by. I plan meals according to what they are.

5. I Started Cooking Outside of My Comfort Zone

I am a born and raised Midwestern woman and I’ll admit, I only cooked within my culture. This limited me to the same meats and vegetables, that can be quite expensive. Now, I incorporate recipes from other cultures into my grocery shopping. This created more meal options that require less expensive food items. Side note: Mexican cuisine is a great go-to when you need one meal to stretch all week.

6. I Buy Less Meat

Meat is my most expensive food item every week. I began to decrease the amount of meat I purchase. Every meal doesn’t need to have meat. I often use vegetables as the main course and incorporate plenty of grains in my meals.

7. I Started Using the Slow Cooker I was Gifted for Christmas


Thanks, Aunt Lisa! The slow cooker is great for enhancing the flavor in low-quality meats. It’s also great for making large portioned meals.

8. I’m Trying to Recycle as Many Leftovers as Possible

This part is still a challenge for me. I’m constantly looking for ways to transform my leftovers into another delicious meal. I started planning my meals with the intent of repurposing the leftovers. For example, if I make hamburgers, I’ll save a portion of the meat for tacos.

9. I Bargain at Farmer’s Markets

I noticed that if I attend my neighborhood’s Farmer’s Market an hour or two before closing time I can negotiate better deals with produce. I developed a relationship with my favorite vendors also. Thank me later!

10. I Take the Time to Store my Food Correctly 


I spent a little extra money and bought the good quality storage containers. Having a large amount of food spoiling throughout the weeks was my biggest loss with money.

Here are more tips. Check out this video for clever DIY hacks to keep your food fresh longer.

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