Skittles Are Going To Change In The Weirdest Way Possible

skittles dips

You know what’s better than the fruity, tangy taste of Skittles? That same fruity, tangy taste, but coated in yogurt! At least that’s what Mars Wrigley, the rainbow candy’s parent company, are hoping. They’ve just announced the upcoming release of a new product called Skittles Dips, which are basically your favorite classic Skittles with a white yogurt coating.

Candy fans on Reddit actually heard whispers of this product back in May 2019, when a user posted a photo of a bag of Skittles Dips, complete with logo, and asked where to find them. According to the OP (original poster), they got their hands on that initial bag from a neighbor in Columbus, OH, and apparently that first taste got them wanting more.

Skittles Dips are already available in the U.K.

In June, UK tabloid The Sun reported that supermarket ASDA was selling 95g (3.35oz) so-called sharing bags for £1 ($1.22). Meanwhile, the British Corner Shop — an online store selling British foods to expats missing their favorite snacks — are selling a 35g (1.23oz) bag of Skittles Dips for £0.89 ($1.08). They’re also available in 115g (4.05oz) and 150g (5.29oz) bags. Instagram account NewFoodsUK posted a photo of the new product in late May:

Americans have to wait a little longer.

Those of us on the Skittles Dips-free side of the pond will have to wait a bit longer before we can buy our first bag in the US. The new treat will be hitting our shelves and our tongues in February 2020. Here’s the official Skittles Facebook announcement:

What do they taste like?

Thankfully, the Brits have been busy taste-testing the new candy. Responses vary from reserved praise:

To life-changing, diet-destroying conviction:

Gary is a big fan.

And Skittles appreciate him.

They’re a revelation for Randomman.

Skittles agree.

They may even be better than the originals.

They’ll ruin you for regular Skittles.

Someone else had a… different reaction.

There are some mixed messages going on here.

Skittles are being savaged.

Not even worth the trash?

Some Skittles fans are feeling let down.

Others are disappointed for a more relatable reason.

Technically all the Skittles are now yogurt-colored, but we understand the sentiment.

Skittles Dips are being compared to another Skittles product.

Mars Wrigley launched Skittles Chewies last year: picture Skittles without that outside shell. According to this Instagrammer, the two flavors that go best with the yogurt coating are orange and strawberry, but Chewies are the best.

Some Americans have also had an early preview.

Not always successfully. Skip to 1 minute 40 seconds in the clip below to hear (but mostly see) Willie Geist and Sheinelle Jones’ frank reviews.

This reviewer translated the taste into American: “Imagine frozen yogurt covered fruit.. just you know in candy form and not cold…”

It may be an acquired taste.

This taster somehow made it through their initial revulsion and found that three times was the charm.

In summary…

Has the candy pitched as the taste of the rainbow struck gold? We’re intrigued enough to try.

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