The 17 Most Hilarious Reviews We’ve Ever Seen On Yelp

funny yelp reviews

We all have those apps we can’t live without. My favorite app is Yelp, because food. Sometimes, I even like Yelp more than I like my best friend. She’s constantly suggesting the worst restaurants for our outings. Thankfully, Yelp saves me from agreeing with her, dining at places far from what I expected, and wasting my time and money.

I truly appreciate the honesty about food from Yelp reviewers. The reviews about the service and hospitality are even better. I’m not a finicky person when it comes to food. I don’t hold anyone (except my mom) to super high standards. However, I can’t stand spending my hard-earned money at an establishment with appalling service or sanitation. And since I’ve sadly, and frequently, endured these unpleasant circumstances, I don’t eat anywhere without checking Yelp first.

While navigating this app (sometimes just for fun), I’ve found it to be pretty entertaining. Some reviewers have had undeniable, comical eating experiences, while others have a little too much time on their hands. Nonetheless, these reviews can be funny AF.

Here are a few that will give you a seriously good laugh.

1. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

Photo by Yelp

2. Ah! I know the struggle of getting a large pizza box through my door a little too well.

Photo by Yelp

3. Ladies and gentlemen, this is exactly why I’m single…

Photo by Yelp

4. This sounds like a “Get Out!” situation, no?

Photo by Yelp

5. LMAO!

Photo by Yelp

6. I should mention this was left for a McDonald’s.


7. Popeyes saves lives!


8. Ugh, the nerve of this restaurant for being so excellent.


9. This song needs an award and toilet paper.


10. Aww, that stinks…literally.


11. OMG, do you think she’s still waiting!?


12. Wait, the real issue here is that he knows what that tastes like.


13. I smell a refund.


14. Taco Bell with a side of drama.


15. Yeah, I had to read that twice, too.


16. Haha, classic!


17. Nice save!


Perhaps you’ll want to put your comedic skills to the test next time you dine out?

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