5 of the Funkiest Ways to Utilize Your Crockpot

5 of the Funkiest Ways to Utilize Your Crockpot

Crockpot creation
Crockpot creation

Everyone knows the Crockpot for its amazing ability to slow cook.

E veryone knows the Crockpot for its exceptional slow-cooking ability.But have you considered its potential beyond beef stew? There’s a myriad of ways to utilize the Crockpot, beyond just adding meats and vegetables and waiting for the final dish

Here we will discuss 5 amazing different dishes you can make through 5 different approaches with the Crockpot.

1. Breakfast Time

A hand programming an automatic pot

The beauty of the Crockpot is you can leave whatever the food is in the pot, and let the technology do the rest!
One innovative way we can do this is nights before, we can make cinnamon rolls, biscuits, or casseroles, all in the Crockpot!

2. Sweet Treats

View of slow cooker apple pot pie before cooking. Biscuit dough with chopped apples.

Now we get to the fun part! The best part about Crockpots are without a doubt its versatility. Put a brownie mix in the Crockpot, give it a few hours, and look at the delicious brownie dip creation you have created.

It really is an amazing way to make some inventive new desserts.

3. Freshly Baked Bread

Stock photo of homemade loaf of bread with sunflower, rye and pumpkin seeds on top. This white bread is freshly baked dough in slow cooker crock pot instead of oven, organic granary crusty loaf on wooden bakery board with diagonal lattice pattern on crust

Now Crockpots do have another amazing advantage which is they are not an exact science. However, you can still do some amazing thing with it.

This includes bread. You can make fresh loaves overnight, it really is an out of the box method for bread that will have people asking for the recipe.

4. Drinktime?

Hot Cider

People love to make big pots of drinks, so why not just put it in a Crockpot!

For a tasty warm apple cider, put in the apples, cider, cinnamon powder, sticks, and anything else and let it all brew together before serving. It will be a fan favorite at the next Halloween party.

5. Syrups, Condiments, and Jams

Slow Cooker on counter.

And of course, you can’t forge the sauce!

Whether its for a pasta or an upcoming barbecue, the Crockpot is the perfect place to let it simmer. By the time its dinner, the sauce will be at peak flavor!

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