Goldfish Is Releasing A Brand New Pineapple Shape This Summer

pineapple goldfish

The other day, I was looking for the perfect snack to enjoy while watching Game of Thrones. And then, I spotted them. Right in the pantry, at eye-level, were a bag of Goldfish crackers. To say I’m a fan is an understatement, which is why it’s always important for me to be up-to-date on Goldfish news.

Now, this happens to be one of the most refreshing pieces of Goldfish news in quite some time. The iconic snack is going to change their shape up for the summer to something oddly surprising.

Surely, the first thing you’d think of would be suns, right? After all, it makes sense to dive into a bag of yellow (or, even orange) bursts of sunshine while sipping on your mojito at the beach resort of your choosing.

Instead, it’s pineapples. A new, limited-edition version of Goldfish are coming out at Target, and the pineapple design is a little too adorable for words.

The Goldfish are part of Target’s “Sun Squad” lineup. That lineup is way more than snacks and candy — it’s also brand new products that’ll get you especially psyched for summer. (Yes, yes, I know. You just worked on your spring garden last weekend, and your tomato plants are still babies. You’re not officially ready for this season change in your head just yet, but admit it. Your heart has been waiting since Rita’s Italian Ice closed up shop last season.)

But, I digress. The pineapple-shaped Goldfish are already on the shelves in some Target stores.

Not only is it a pineapple, but it’s a pineapple wearing glasses. Best thing ever? You bet.


However, there are a few people out there who may be disappointed. Actual pineapple-flavored Goldfish have been discussed by fans for quite some time.

Have no fear, classic Goldfish fanatics. The taste is the same — it’s just the texture that’s different.

Does this mean that your regular Goldfish will have to be shelved for the season? Not necessarily. You could always eat those on rainy, stormy days.

Target already seems to know that these new Goldfish will be a big hit. Look how much shelf space is dedicated to them at this particular location:

It’s kind of weird to say this, but out of the packaging, the pineapples actually look slightly like the Goldfish themselves. Who would have thought these two things could actually share some similarities?

Pepperidge Farm has been switching up their cracker shapes for some time. Just earlier this month, they released Toy Story Goldfish that even had shapes that looked like Woody, our ultimate favorite cowboy.

They’re not just a great way to celebrate the upcoming release of Toy Story 4. They’re also a fun way to spice up an old classic.

I also need to mention the Mickey Mouse goldfish. If only these were a constantly available product, right? I mean, I knew how much fun it was to eat Mickey Mouse-shaped snacks, but these were next level.

Sure, Goldfish crackers have always come in a bunch of different flavors. Like, the gigantic ones that look more like a meal than a snack.

And of course, the pretzel ones. They’re just delightful.

Also, the pizza ones. I’m actually not allowed to have these in the house anymore. They’re too dangerous.

For some reason, I can’t help but think that “one serving” means one bag. I usually feel that way about most flavors of Goldfish crackers, but it’s definitely the worst with the pizza flavor.

If you’re looking to grab a bag of the new Pineapple Goldfish, you can check to see if your Target has them on display. If they’re not out now, they should be very soon.

They’re reportedly selling for $2.49, That’s a deal anyone can get behind.

Just make sure to stock up if you fall in love with them. They definitely won’t be around when the fall hits.

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