Here’s the Scoop on These Unique Ice Cream Flavors!

Ice cream is one of the most versatile (and delicious!) sweet treats out there. Sometimes makers of ice cream can get a little… experimental? Let’s look at these unique flavors.

1.  Slumdog MillionaireLulu – Bristol, Vermont

Photo by Instagram/ @catherine.vigne

The name is inspired by the West Indian curry and Vermont peanut butter flavor of this creamy treat.

2. Buttermilk Biscuit Oddfellows – New York City, New York

Photo by Instagram/ @oddfellowsnyc

With a honey buttermilk base and chunks of freshly baked biscuits mixed in, this ice cream will have you feeling nostalgic about dinner at grandma’s house.

3. FirecrackerClumpies Ice Cream – Chattanooga, Tennessee

Photo by Instagram/ @clumpies

If you loved pop rocks as a child, you’re defintely going to love this nostalgic, creamy treat.

4.  Sweet Corn & Waffle ConesSalt & Straw – All Locations

Photo by Instagram/ @saltandstraw

Meant to emulate caramel corn, this ice cream is packed with the buttery flavors of corn, waffle cones, and a caramel swirl throughout.

5. Black SesameLeones Creamery – Spearfish, South Dakota

Photo by Instagram/ @leonescreamery

This savory flavor is rich and creamy with an overall nutty flavor, perfect for anyone who doesn’t like ice cream that’s too sweet.

6. Honey with Sunflower Microgreens and SeedsSweet Cream Co. – Columbia, South Carolina

Photo by Instagram/ @sweetcreamco

If the name doesn’t say it all, then I really don’t know what will.

7. Rosewater & CardomonOwowcow – All Locations

Photo by Instagram/ @owowcow

This floral and spice combination will leave you feeling light and satisfied.

8.  Irish CoffeeThe Parlour – Durham, North Carolina

Photo by Instagram/ @theparlourdurham

Made with cold brew, whiskey, and Irish cream, this creamy confection will leave you warm and fuzzy.

9. Pistachio & RicottaThe Bent Spoon – Princeton, New Jersey

Photo by Instagram/ @thebentspoon

With farm fresh ricotta and pistachios, this subtle ice cream is the perfect sweet treat.

10. DurianPerfect Scoop – Las Vegas, Nevada

Photo by Instagram/ @perfectscooplv

Normally a pungent smelling fruit, this flavor can either taste like onions or almonds, depending on your palette.

11. Organic Cucumber Pinot GrigioSonny’s Ice Cream – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Photo by Instagram/@sonnysicecream

This light and refreshing treat is more of a sorbet than an ice cream, but we aren’t complaining!

12. Unicorn Ice CreamTarget – Check your local store for availability

Photo by Target

Jumping on the saturated trend, this ice cream has a pink fruit flavored base with a sour blue raspberry swirl, frosting swirl, and glitter candy bits.

13. Frosé SorbetJeni’s – All locations & Online

Photo by Instagram/ @jenisicecreams

This boozy treat is a sangria-style rosé with hints of pear, watermelon, and strawberry. Perfect for a night in with some reality TV.

14.  Burnt Out – Ice & Vice – New York City, New York

Photo by Instagram/ @iceandvice

Consisting of toasted black rice and mandarin citrus jam, this ice cream will take your taste buds on a trip across the world.

15.  Jasmine TeaSmitten Ice Cream – Los Angeles & The Bay Area, California

Photo by Instagram/ @smittenicecream

Steeping the highest quality jasmine-infused green tea, this scoop tastes like you’re drinking a cup of tea- with milk of course!

16. Rosemary and Toasted Pine Nuts Carmela Ice Cream – Southern California

Photo by Instagram/ @carmelaicecream

This blend of earthy flavors goes hand in hand with the sweetness of cream.

Got a sweet tooth craving? Satisfy it with these fruity frozen treats!

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