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Everyone Is Just Really Confused By This Starbucks “Hack”

When you go to Starbucks, you might have a fancy order in mind. In fact, just ordering a plain, black coffee will likely get you a few stares (even though the barista is probably relieved by a simple request for once.) Sometimes, by trying to sound impressive, you may goof up your order entirely. Case in point, this very strange order that was documented on the Starbucks subreddit.

Reddit has groups for absolutely everything, so it makes sense for managers, baristas, and customers to mingle together online through the group. While sometimes they offer some great tips and beverage selections, other times it’s a great way to get a laugh from people who likely understand. Being a barista is hard work. Not only is there a lot of coffee to memorize, but you have to deal with the customer service aspect as well.

As it’s wintertime, you can imagine their hot drinks are on the rise. And what better drink than a nice hot chocolate? The problem here is, in trying to customize her order, a woman named Ashley ended up with a cup of something that infants often enjoy before bed.

You got that right — she accidentally forgot to put chocolate in her hot chocolate.


i… i’m…. hot milk. she wanted hot milk. from r/starbucks

Now, from a customer perspective, a bad order like this can be explained. Maybe assumed “mocha syrup” was an additional drizzle and was just looking to cut calories. But, nope — mocha syrup is the chocolate itself. So, good to know if you would have made the same mistake.

The weird thing is, it looks like this is more common than you may think.



In a case like this… the customer isn’t always right.

And on Twitter, some people have even admitted to making the mistake themselves — or, listening in to people who did.

From the looks of it, it seems like a lot of confusion is in the word “mocha.” For hot chocolate, it stands for chocolate. But it’s also, by itself, a Starbucks drink with hot chocolate and coffee. So, it’s a little easy for first-timers to get confused.

So, before you order, you might want to make sure you’re being as clear as possible with the barista. Because as you can see, they’ll give you exactly what you order — even if it’s super weird.

And again, if you want a hot chocolate, just remember — the mocha is a legit part of it.