Anarchy! One Of Burger King’s Locations Refuses To Sell Their New Menu Item

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Oftentimes, when you see a commercial for a new product on television, there’s a disclaimer that says “participating locations only.” Nine out of 10 times, that’s nothing to be concerned about — who wouldn’t participate when it involves a fun promotion or a new menu item? Turns out, one Burger King location flat-out refused to sell what other franchises were offering, and the reason why is pretty interesting.

The menu item in question is the new Philly Cheese King, which is inspired by a Philadelphia cheesesteak. If you know anything about Philadephia, it’s likely the fact that they’re known for their cheesesteak — they even have two of their biggest competing cheesesteak vendors right across the road from each other and they’re flourishing regardless. Philadelphia residents would likely go to either Pat’s or Geno’s instead of Burger King, and the Burger King located on 15 S 8th Street in Philadelphia is well aware.

They’re also aware that the Burger King sandwich is nothing like a traditional Philly cheesesteak. So in a way, it would almost be like they’re doing their city wrong by offering the product.

“Despite taste test approvals from Philadelphians, one restaurant in Philadelphia opted out of selling it completely to honor the traditional recipe,” a press release stated, noting that all other locations will be offering the sandwich.

So, what does the Philly Cheese King offer? It contains a little over half of a pound of flame-grilled 100% beef, American cheese, and caramelized onions. So, it still looks good. Just not Philly cheesesteak-level good.

Even though it may seem a little silly, the S. 8th Street location seems to take pride in Philadelphia. For that, and going against the majority, they deserve a ton of credit.

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