Burger King Is Now Selling “Chick Fries” To Prove A Point

burger king chick fries

As women, we love paying more for “feminine versions” of razors, shampoo, soap, and more. If it’s pink, we’ll happily pay an extra few bucks because pink better suits our aesthetic as girls. So when Burger King announced they would start selling “Chick Fries,” which are served in a more expensive pink box, we were thrilled!

*Record scratch*

We’re obviously kidding, guys. And so is Burger King. To prove a point about the infamous Pink Tax, which accounts for the 42% price increase on most “women’s products,” Burger King introduced “Chick Fries” — the “chick” version of their delicious Chicken Fries.

Served hot in a pink box with a lipstick-wearing chicken on the front, Chick Fries were sold to female customers for $3.09 during a hidden-camera Burger King experiment. However, when male customers ordered Chicken Fries, they were only charged $1.69 for the standard box.

As expected, the female customers were outraged.


“But when you go into the drugstore, and you pay $2 more for your razor blades, do you say something then?” a man posing as a Burger King manager asked one of the angry women.

At the end of their video campaign, Burger King announces that it will be selling both their Chicken and Chick Fries for the same price of $1.69 because the company believes that “everything should be equal.”

[fm_youtube url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rtHmSfYDbs"]

“The BURGER KING® brand believes everything should be equal, so we created Chick Fries to shine some light on gender inequality, but our Chicken Fries are $1.69 for all,” Burger King wrote in the description of their YouTube video. “To help put an end to the Pink Tax, ask your congressman to support the Pink Tax Reform Act.”

Chick Fries were made available at select Burger King locations in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, and Chicago, as of yesterday, July 26th.

And while you’re enjoying a delicious box of Chick Fries, call your congressmen and urge them to support the Pink Tax Reform Act.

Want to contact your representative about the Pink Tax? Here’s where you can find their info. To find out more, you can also visit #AxThePinkTax.

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