Chick-fil-A Served A Customer A Cleaning Product Instead Of The Coffee She Ordered


Popular fast food restaurant Chick-fil-A is currently being sued by a woman who was served cleaning solution instead of coffee. According to her suit, filed September 24th, the incident took place at a Chick-fil-A location in Stockbridge, Georgia. The plaintiff had asked for a coffee refill and an employee served her from a pitcher filled with cleaning solution.

Corinne Anderson, a paralegal from Peavy Law, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC), “It didn’t take long for our client to realize something was wrong with the coffee and she quickly informed the Chick-fil-A employees.”

Anderson said that the plaintiff had ingested liquid tainted with a dissolved Urnex TABZ cleaning tablet.

“[The plaintiff] started having intestinal issues and discomfort in her throat, and started seeing gastroenterologists,” Anderson continued. According to the AJC, the plaintiff’s medical bills from the incident total more than $3,890 and she’s currently still seeking treatment.

Paul White, the owner of the Stockbridge Chick-fil-A franchise, told the AJC that “food safety and quality” are his top priorities. He added that he is currently investigating the plaintiff’s claims and, according to the suit, Chick-fil-A has admitted that they served the woman cleaning solution.

A video emerged showing the incident play out and Chick-fil-A has offered to pay the plaintiff’s medical expenses. Anderson notes that they are still seeking retribution for “mental and physical suffering.”

In August, a Starbucks patron suffered through a similar accident when she found two cleaning tablets lodged beneath the ice in her Frappuccino. She was also hospitalized for intestinal issues, but believes her local Utah store made an honest mistake.

Like the Starbucks case, we’re sure the Chick-fil-A incident was an accident. But again, let this be a lesson for us fast food/coffee lovers — if the drink tastes bad, love your gut and order something else.

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