This Creepy “Real Egg” McDonald’s Ad Will Make You Fear Their Breakfast Foods

McDonald's Golden Arches Logo

Something odd is going on at the McDonald’s in Penn Station. According to a shady sign posted in said McDonald’s location, customers can ask the manager to see “a real egg.” The sign, captured by Twitter user and Guardian reporter Naaman Zhou, has piqued the internet’s interest, and now we’re all curious to see this ominous “real egg” and if it possesses some sort of yolky power.

“This is a real ad in the McDonald’s in Penn Station,” Zhou captioned his tweet. The McDonald’s sign reads in suspiciously bold “Impact” font, “We can show you a real egg, Can others? Ask a manager to show you one of our eggs we crack daily.”

Just imagine that interaction for a moment. It’s an uncomfortable image, to say the least.

Firstly, the fact that McDonald’s has to advertise the fact that they use “real eggs” is mildly disturbing. Of course, having eaten a fast food breakfast sandwich before, we’ve had our doubts about the eggs used thanks to the rubbery texture and hockey puck-like shape. This sign is just adding fuel to our fears.

And secondly, the sign itself is just downright bizarre. Why is the Microsoft Paint-looking egg gold? Why should we ask to see the “real egg?” What is the McDonald’s in Penn Station trying to prove?

We suppose there’s really only one way to find out. Bring out the egg.

Zhou’s February 21st tweet went viral, garnering over 15,000 likes in less than 24 hours. We’re all trying to piece together the “real egg” mystery.

Has anyone ever asked for the egg? Is the staff trained in egg-revealing protocol?

Or are there some sort of magic words one must say in order to have the egg appear in front of them? Give us more, McDonald’s! We must know!

Who’s to say the McDonald’s employees aren’t just showing the same egg over and over again? What if the “real egg” is in fact a decoy egg?

If we didn’t know any better, we’d think this sign is some sort of recruitment material. A call to action, if you will.

We think this was on purpose. The Real Egg is not to be eaten.

Maybe the Penn Station McDonald’s crew is trying to start a new kind of worship. All hail the Real Egg.

What must we do in order to prove ourselves worthy of casting our eyes upon the Egg? How does one show their loyalty?

Unfortunately, Zhou didn’t investigate. He’s no longer welcome back to his place of work — rightfully so, in our opinion.

We’re disappointed. Very disappointed.

You know who’s behind this, don’t you? Danny DeVito (aka Frank Reynolds).

It’s all beginning to make sense now. Perhaps this “McDonald’s” is just some sort of front.

Someone in or near Penn Station, please do us this one favor and ask to see the “real egg.” We must know the power it holds. We must see it to know it’s real. We must —

Hmm. Actually, it might be best if we let this Penn Station McDonald’s mystery lie.

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