McDonald’s Brought Back Their Best Seasonal Dessert, And The Crowd Goes Wild

mcdonald's seasonal dessert

Starbucks may have just released their holiday cups, but McDonald’s is still in fall mode — and thank goodness. McDonald’s has officially brought back their pumpkin pie for the autumn season, and we’re about to get our Thanksgiving on early.

A McDonald’s spokesperson told Delish that the McDonald’s pumpkin pie is already back at participating U.S. Mickey D’s locations. It will only be around while the leaves fall, so grab one while you can.

Similar to the chain’s famous apple pie, the pumpkin variety is served in a pocket-like flaky crust dusted with cinnamon sugar. Yes, heaven truly is a place on Earth.

If you’re wild and crazy like we are, try ordering your McDonald’s pumpkin pie with a vanilla cone or vanilla shake. Because what’s pie without ice cream, amiright?

However, if you’re not that into pumpkin-flavored sweets, McDonald’s still has plenty of other dessert items waiting for you on their menu. Besides their apple pies, Mickey D’s also serves a strawberry & crème pie (yum), hot fudge or hot caramel sundaes (double yum), and of course, their much-loved McFlurries (too many yums to count).

McDonald’s fans have already gotten their hands on the seasonal dessert and are literally eating it up. Many have taken to Twitter to share their praises. Hi, we’ll take ten Pumpkin Pies, please.

Listen, we’d love to hang around and chat, but these pumpkin pies aren’t going to eat themselves. We’ve got to get ourselves to a McDonald’s before the seasons change and our chance at pure joy is ruined.

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