This McDonald’s Receipt For A Cheeseburger Is Seriously Disturbing

McDonald's receipt

Even though “have it your way” was a Burger King slogan, most fast food companies are fairly good with customization these days.


Sure, I was once laughed at in a McDonald’s for ordering a Big Mac with no bun by a boss who said “they’re used to orders like this,” but that was around the time that the Atkins diet had taken over the world.

So, I definitely wasn’t the first or last person to order a plate of meat to go.


But, at least that decorated burger (or patty, if it loses the “burger” distinction by being bunless) contained meat.

A receipt has been floating around the internet for a McDonald’s burger that seems to be completely unreal. Perhaps an employee punched it up in the system to have a little fun? Or, maybe someone is just being very, very strict about their diet.

The order was for a cheeseburger. Sounds pretty simple, right?

The customer wanted no ketchup, onions, or pickles. Okay — even though everyone knows McDonald’s pickles are the best around, it’s possible that not everyone is into them. But then it gets even weirder.

They ordered double the cheese, but no actual burger patty. Huh?

So really, what they’re getting is two slices of cheese with a ton of salt and mustard on top.

And as you can see, the McDonald’s employee delivered.


Well, honestly? It could have been worse. It could have just been a  package with mustard inside. But is this even worth $2?

Perhaps the person ordered it just to see if the McDonald’s employee was paying attention.

With a job in fast food, sometimes you get into a pattern and forget about standard requests.

Or, maybe they’re just a little weird. Nothing wrong with that.

McDonald’s employees are bound to get a strange order every once in a while.

On Reddit last year, an employee asked fellow employees about the strangest orders they’ve ever gotten, and some of them are downright ridiculous.

Someone even noted that their McDonald’s catered a wedding.


It’s not the craziest thing in the world, but still pretty bizarre. Especially since those fries only taste nice and fresh for a limited amount of time.

Some people even like to create their own combos.

One of the most popular things about the Big Mac is the secret sauce, so you might not have even guessed that people thought of ordering the sauce on other burgers.

Another thread that polled all fast food workers about their weirdest order lead to one McDonald’s customer who could have accidentally caused a big issue with the company.

This just goes to show you that the chain at least tries to be accommodating when an odd order comes through.

One Redditor said a customer asked them for three bags of uncooked chicken nuggets. The employee was confused at first, but it turned out this woman had a deal with the manager regarding the uncooked tenders.


Not even the drinks and desserts at McDonald’s are safe.

People get pretty picky with their drink preferences. According to one Redditor, a woman asked for a smoothie that was “not too cold” — in the dead of winter.

Another man tried to order a smoothie with no ice… um, does he know how smoothies work?


And, this guy takes the cake.

It’s one thing to order off-menu, but it’s another to order a product that the chain hasn’t carried in decades — like a hot dog.

One Redditor reported that a man refused to leave until he was served a hot dog.

Yep — certain locations carried them in the summer of 1995.

In case you’re looking to be adventurous, this guy invented a nugget and cheese sandwich.

One McDonald’s employee said a man came through the drive-thru and ordered “a 10 piece chicken nugget sandwich, topped with cheese, mayo, Big Mac sauce and pickles.”

Maybe this customer’s onto something?


It just goes to show you that weird stuff happens at McDonald’s.

But, this shouldn’t necessarily inspire you to think up your weirdest concoctions, especially when the location is busy.


With every weird order, employees need to figure out what to charge and how to key it in the system.

And if you’re dealing with a new employee and not a veteran, that might hold up the line.


But if you’re at an empty store? Hey, why not. The worst an employee can say is that they can’t fulfill your order.


As far as the mustard cheese receipt goes, you have to wonder what the backstory is.

Sometimes, we’re all just in the mood for cheese. And really, in my eyes, I’d rather have the cheese without the burger than the burger without the cheese.

Fast food employees have seen a lot. But, it’ll never stop being funny, as people can get pretty darn creative.

Is anyone else suddenly in the mood for mustard, salt, and cheese?

It sounds like the lunch of champions. That is, unless you’re watching your sodium.

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